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The Harrington Alumni Association STITCH had the honor to be sponsored by Kimball Office, when Enza Scianna, a Harrington alumna, Showroom Manager of the Office approached the team to be their partner. The team consisted of Brenna Brown, Jennifer Cheng, Janet Kleinhample, CorrieLee Klentzman, Negeen Masghati, Nancy Walsh, and Mindy Zimmer along with Harrington Faculty Advisor Crandon Gustafson with Enza Scianna modeling.

For the 2010 STITCH show, the Harrington Alumni Association took their concept back in time to the 1880’s. Below, Harrington Alumni Mindy Zimmer shares some insight about the creation of the concept and garment.

“The funniest (and best) thing about our entry was that we completed our garment, from concept to completion in less than 3 weeks. Kimball Office offered to sponsor an alumni team and Crandon Gustafson quickly formed a team of talented alumni who accepted the challenge, time constraints and all, and got right to work on the design of the garment.  During creation and construction of our dress, the patterns and colors of the Maharam fabric that were offered to us through Kimball Office, our sponsor, helped to shape and mold our design decisions along the way.

We spent many late nights sewing, talking, and laughing as we figured out the construction of our dress. Though the hat looked effortless when all was said and done, it was the most challenging piece to figure out. Not only did the hat have to be rigid and stable enough to actually look like a hat when Enza held it over her head and walked onto the runway, but it also had to be able to flip down and fit completely underneath the skirt of the dress. It took a true feat of dress engineering and some complicated sewing techniques to get the look we wanted. Once the dress and hat were finally complete, we all cheered! Janet and Nancy really saved the day with their sewing skills! We had one well constructed dress in the end.”

See the video below!

The Kimball Office also did a great feature in their blog.

STITCH 2010 was an amazing night full of fabulous garments and models who really worked the runway!

Congratulations to the 2010 winners:
Best in Show: Duralee/ I4Design
Best Concept to Creation: Steelcase/ DesignTex/ Coalesse/ Whitney
Best use of Material: Wolf Gordon/ VOA

See the Professional Photographers Runway Photos & Pre-Show Photos and Paparazzi Wall Photos

Video courtesy Mindy Zimmer

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Also represented at IIDA’s 2010 STITCH Runway show was an entrant designed and created by some members of the Harrington Alumni Association including Brenna Brown, Jennifer Cheng, Janet Kleinhample, CorrieLee Klentzman, Negeen Masghati, Nancy Walsh, and Mindy Zimmer along with Harrington Faculty Advisor Crandon Gustafson.

When I followed up with Mindy Zimmer, Associate IIDA, LEED AP  and Vice President of the Harrington Alumni Association, about their concept, this is what she shared:

“We met as group to sketch and brainstorm ideas for our concept. We drew and discussed ideas without really worrying about the details of how a particular idea would work. All of the words and sketches that we came up with seemed to tie into one overarching theme: transformation and magic. After more discussion, sketching, and brainstorming, we arrived at our final concept and concept sketch. Since this year’s theme for STITCH was ‘A STITCH in Time: Design for a Decade’ we were able to tie our concept into 1880’s Victorian era fashion:”

Victorian Illusion
Inspired by illusion, transformation and 1880’s Victorian style. Magic makes something out of nothing – it transforms. Transformation is mysterious – or is it simply an illusion?

Mindy continued to explain, “Victorian fashion of the 1880’s was characterized by large collars and bustles, corsets, tiny waists, and the use of birds and feathers in their hats and hair accessories. Magic was also experiencing its ‘golden age’ due to the advancements in technology during this time. Many magicians created the illusion of pulling things out of their top hats or making birds disappear. So, our model, Enza Scianna, transformed from magicians top hat into a modern Victorian inspired woman with beautiful bird-like characteristics.  Her look was complete with feathers in her hair, on her eyelashes, and feather-like pieces of fabric on the skirt of her dress.”

Learn more about the Harrington Alumni STITCH garment and see it on the runway tomorrow!

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Yesterday, you saw the concept design for the Harrington College of Design student STITCH submission.  See the final write-up below that was submitted to IIDA-Illinois as the official Harrington student garment concept EVOLVE:

EVOLVE Concept
In association with InterfaceFLOR and Antron Fibers, Harrington College of Design presents the future of the human race. It is the year 3,000,000. The world is not as we know it. The impeding threat of new and dangerous predators has caused epic evolutionary advancements across all species. The human race, exposed to natural selection, selective breeding and genetic modification has developed several new and dominant characteristics.

Iridescent scales sporadically cover the body. Dazzling and confusing potential predators, this superficial beauty enhances protection while swimming at shallow depths. Coupled with vibrant striking gills, these characteristics reveal the morphing of a land and water-dwelling creature. A prominent elongated left arm allows for greater defense, added strength, and tree swinging. Venomous spikes protrude from the neckline and arm, protecting the head and vital organs from predatory attacks. Finally, inconspicuous camouflaged wing-like webbing under the arms allows for the entrapment of insects and small animals.

With the concept finalized, Harrington students Elizabeth Campbell, Antonia Davies, Ann Erskine, Natalie Malik, Brian Naglich, Alyssa Fabrizio, Emily Wiegel and Joyanna Peterson then began carefully crafting their complex garment…


… attended the event…

… and watched as fellow team member, Emily Wiegel, modeled their garment down the runway!

However, their garment was not the only Harrington garment to walk down the runway… tomorrow, see the Harrington Alumni Association’s STITCH design!

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STITCH is IIDA-Illinois’ biggest event that pairs Chicago’s most talented Designers with industry manufacturers to create one-of a kind, wearable garments for the runway show of the year. The theme for this year’s show was “A STITCH in Time: Design for a Decade.”

Represented at the 6th anniversary of STITCH in Chicago were two creative entrants by the Harrington College of Design: one by current students, and the other by the Harrington Alumni Association.

EVOLVE: Harrington Student Group
Harrington students Elizabeth Campbell, Antonia Davies, Ann Erskine, Natalie Malik, Brian Naglich, Alyssa Fabrizio, Emily Wiegel and Joyanna Peterson worked hard alongside Harrington Faculty Advisors Elizabeth Wersells and Demetra Vartzikos to come up with their concept. Their thoughts turned to how humans might evolve and adapt to their environment in the year 3 million.

The Harrington College of Design students, sponsored by InterfaceFLOR and Antron Carpet fiber, decided to present the future and evolution of the human race: check out the concept sketch above and thought process below!

The year is 3 million.
A new age has begun.
The world is not as it was:

They then met with Antron Carpet Fiber (who has sponsored the use of their product to the Harrington STITCH group for the 6th year in a row) to start checking out materials…

Watch as the concept and garment hit the runway tomorrow!


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