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Based in Europe, the Harman Technologies paper company produces inkjet papers for the photographic industry and is a sister company to the Ilford company. This year, the Harrington College of Design was one of the few schools chosen to partner with Harman for their annual product exhibitions due in part to the relationship that Harrington instructor, Tim Arroyo, has cultivated over the past several years with the company.

Two students were selected from Harrington to have their work printed on Harman paper products and be showcased in various portfolios that would travel the world, beginning with one of the largest photography annual events, Photo East. The portfolios are used to show the quality of Harman paper, as well as the skills learned at the respective schools.

Digital Photography students Steven Sampang and Ricky Kluge were selected to represent the Harrington College of Design. The pair submitted photos to be printed on Harman paper, and in return they had their work featured in various international exhibits, and received $250 worth of Harman papers of their choosing.
Following the show, each of the Harrington students was contacted by the Harman representative who wanted to personally thank the two for their participation. Just a brief excerpt of the letter stated, “I want to thank you for submitting images for the student portfolios that were prominently displayed at the recent Photo Plus Expo in New York City… The selection of high quality images, the variety of HARMAN inkjet papers and the mix of color and black & white made these portfolios one of the most popular features of the show. Our Chairman of the Board, Howard Hopwood, stated that these portfolios were the best he had seen in the past three years.”
Special congratulations go out to Steven Sampang and Ricky Kluge, and thanks to Tim Arroyo for all your work in having Harrington College of Design students represented out in the field!

Photos courtesy Steven Sampang and Ricky Kluge

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