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In May of this year, a group of students from the Harrington College of Design embarked on a trip of a lifetime – a trip that displayed the architectural, cultural and design treasures of China. Harrington Program Coordinator, Demetra Vartzikos, shares the group’s adventures…

“After Beijing, we travelled to Xi’an, located in central-northwest China, and were able to view the world famous Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses: truly a sensational archeological find!

Shanghai was our final stop in China. With a population of more than 23 million people, Shanghai is the second largest and most developed city in China.

The British opened a concession in Shanghai after the first Opium War and ignited Shanghai’s evolution. Once a small fishing village on the edge of the muddy Huang Pu River, it has become one of the world’s most modern and sophisticated cities.

We went to the Shanghai World Financial Center where we went all the way to the top and stepped out on a glass floor that looked down 101 floors… scary… but we enjoyed the view!

Finally, our Harrington group had the opportunity to visit a Buddhist temple.”

This trip to China is an example of what future students can experience at the Harrington College of Design through our International Study opportunities! Many thanks to Demetra for sharing highlights from your trip!

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