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In May of this year, a group of students from the Harrington College of Design embarked on a trip of a lifetime – a trip that displayed the architectural, cultural and design treasures of China. Harrington Program Coordinator, Demetra Vartzikos, shares the group’s adventures…

“The day after Kung Fu, we got up early to exercise at the park and took a tai chi lesson…

Okay it was our first time!

Later we visited the Temple of Heaven which was built in 1420. The architecture of the temple represented two themes: in the heaven and on the earth:

Then it was time to check out the modern architecture in Beijing!

We saw the Headquarters for the China Central Television by Rem Koolhaas

The “Bird’s Nest” Olympic Stadium and the “Water Cube” National Swimming Centre built for the 2008 Olympics.”

Early next week, Demetra wraps up the trip with their final days in Xi’an and Shanghai!


Hope everyone has a very Happy 4th of JulyWeekend!

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