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The “Vintage Vernacular” Street Style Photo Contest calls on all amateur and aspiring photographers to come out to the Randolph Street Market July 30th or 31st (this weekend!)

Voting will open August 1, so be sure to post your photos early and promote them online! Winners will be selected from the finalists by the Randolph Street Market judge panel and will be notified in advance. Click here to read the contest guidelines.

To qualify for free entry to the July Market, participants should email hamsini@imagepilots.com and…

  • Have at least 100 Facebook friends
  • Follow Randolph Street Market on Twitter
  • Like the Randolph Street Market Facebook page and share a link to their website on YOUR Facebook wall
  • Tweet the message “Check out @randolphmarket’s #VINTAGEVERNACULAR #streetstyle photo contest and awesome summer events! goo.gl/88Ers

Submit up to 1 photo per category: Vintage Group Grope, Crazy Couples , Puppy Vintage Love, Pin Up Beauties, Rough It Up, Summer Sensational, Man Candy, Blooper Reel

For questions and entry information, email hamsini@imagepilots.com.

Also, send them my way at info@harringtoncollege.com – would love to feature them in a blog post 🙂

Graphic courtesy Randolph Street Market

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