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Last night, Harrington College Photography Alum, Casey Miller, unveiled the premier of his film Montgomery. Casey shares the process of making his film below…

“I’ve always been drawn to photography and film, but it wasn’t until I took the multimedia class at Harrington College of Design that I really got to explore my love of film. It was an incredible class taught by the head of Harrington’s photography department, Dirk Fletcher, learning all about the parts of movies, the different tools of the trade, and of course Final Cut, made the class one I always looked forward to. I quickly became obsessed with the exercises; making commercials using Final Cut, filming with the Steadicam, and then finally making my own promotional video. I couldn’t get enough, when the class ended I wanted more. So when the opportunity arose to work one on one with Dirk Fletcher to do my own project, I leaped at the opportunity.

Writing this now, I realize how unsuspecting I was. I actually though that I would be able to write, produce, cast, film, direct, and edit my movie within a semester. I was crazy and inexperienced. I now know that making a movie is an enormous project. Even in its simplest form, filming and editing, both are hugely important and in need of incredibly detailed attention.  If I hadn’t taken the multimedia class both of these things would have turned out horribly. The seemingly most simple things would have been overlooked had Dirk not helped me see them.

I was lucky to have such incredible actors, my friends and fellow students sacrificed so much of their time to help with this project, I’m eternally thankful. Even more so because they had to deal with me contacting Dirk every hour to help me fix something I was doing wrong.

But through it all: missing memory cards, learning lines, fixing lighting, finding locations, replacing actors, losing assistants, designing props, wardrobe, adjusting sound, filming during actors finals, reshoots, etc., I have a finished film I can be proud of, and to say I’m wise from the experience is a HUGE understatement. I will always appreciate the help Dirk Fletcher gave me when filming and editing the movie, and the help Harrington and student government gave me with putting together the showcase.

I am Casey Miller, I am a Photographer, and after four months of filming, over 200 hours of editing, and lots of help, I am also now a filmmaker.”

HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to you Casey for all your hard work – judging by the responses last night, it certainly paid off. Can’t wait to see all that you do in the future!!

Photo courtesy Casey Miller


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Introducing “Montgomery”, a student film by Harrington College of Design Photography Graduate Casey Miller. Tonight, Harrington College of Design and the Harrington Student Government will be sponsoring the premier of the movie! Details are below:

 “Montgomery” Movie Premier
Harrington College of Design, Room 106
Thursday, August 18th (TONIGHT!) at ‎9:00 PM

“Officers Jack Pappas and Horton Fullbring were the best on the force. Their undercover work has brought down some of the biggest drug dealers in the city. Their next set up was like any other; they would bring down another notorious drug dealer. They though the plan was perfect… But in a matter of seconds everything goes wrong, drug dealer Tony escapes, the bags of money and drugs disappear, and the only clue the officers have is a kid they find at the scene of the crime. They think they’ve caught their man. However, they soon discover Tyler Montgomery won’t be as easy to interrogate as they thought…

How will the officers deal with finding the truth when their only lead is really 5 people? Tyler Montgomery suffers from dissociative identity disorder; at any time he can be the aggressive Angela, the sophisticated Eugene, the playful Cameron, or the nervous Sam.  Jack and Horton will have to interrogate each of these personalities until they find the truth. But with five people in one, the truth wont be easy to uncover.”

See the movie trailer at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pALT0yZEymk

Come stop by and see the movie tonight! Tomorrow, read about the making of Montgomery as shared by Casey.

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Yesterday I shared three great tips for keeping your digital camera in top shape for all your digital photography needs: from commercial photography use to those creative shots you take for your digital photography class, keep reading below for some more advice to keep your camera functioning!

  1. Do not overcharge your batteries and never mix old and new batteries. Overcharging can cause leakage, and
    mixing old and new batteries can cause a great deal of damage. Also, be sure to remove the battery when the camera is not in use and store it in a corrosion-resistant container.
  1. Don’t delete pictures one by one and always safely remove the memory card from your computer. Instead, delete batches of pictures after you’ve uploaded them.
  2. Store your camera in a clean, durable protective camera case when not in use. Make sure the case is padded enough to protect your camera from any unintentional knocks or falls, and always keep it in a dry area that does not get too hot. Keep the camera case itself clean to avoid the transfer of dirt.
  3. Clean the memory card slot with a canned air duster to avoid dirt build-up. Be gentle when doing this – you do not need a full blast of air to clean this tiny crevice effectively.

Following these seven simple steps will keep your camera functioning properly each time you use it. Take care of your camera, and it will be able to take care of your commercial photography needs for a long time to come.


This article is presented by Harrington College of Design. Contact us today if you’re interested in developing marketable knowledge and career-relevant skills with one of our industry-current degree programs.

Photo copyright Harrington College of Design

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Keeping your digital camera in tip top shape is the result of continual maintenance rather than periodic cleanings. Follow the seven steps outlined below to keep your camera clean and functional, inside and out, for all your digital photography work and digital photography class work!

  1. Remove fingerprints and dust from your camera lens before and after taking pictures. Use a blower brush to remove any dust particles from the front and rear lenses. Then carefully clean the lenses with a very fine tissue paper or micro fiber cloth and an alcohol solution designed for camera optics. Be very gentle – these lenses are costly to replace and any carelessness can easily result in unwanted scratches.
  2. Clean areas where dirt can build up over time with a blower brush or a canned air duster. Make sure your blower brush has very fine bristles to avoid any unintentional damage. When used carefully, a canned air duster helps remove dirt from the crevices between the very small buttons on your camera. NEVER use the canned air duster to clean the lens, sensor or shutter chamber.
  3. Clean the outer casing of your camera. Although this is mostly for aesthetics, any dirt that accumulates on the outside can work its way inside over time. Run a blower brush over your camera and wipe it down with a lens cloth or dust cloth.

Keep reading tomorrow for more tips!

Photo copyright Harrington College of Design

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Last Friday the 7th Annual National Self-Portrait Exhibition opened at the 33 Contemporary Gallery located in the Zhou B. Art Center. Entirely devoted to different aspects of self-awareness, the show features works ranging from representational to conceptual explorations of self-awareness in a variety of media.

Within the show was Harrington Photography college instructor Tim Arroyo’s awesome work below! In addition to being selected for the show along with over 100 other artists, his photo was chosen as the poster image for the show, and was used in the print and video marketing for the event.

One of the unique features of this show is the ability for attendees to use their cell phones to call a number specific to a piece to learn more about the work. Here is the description that was used for Tim’s work:

“This work titled ‘The Dream Voyager’ by Tim Arroyo is part of a series of works titled ‘Stage 5’ named for the sleep stage where dreams occurs. The works in the series are surrealistic in nature, and are visual interpretations of imagery extracted from Tim’s dream journals.

‘The Dream Voyager’ is a digital composition of photographs, who serves as a metaphor for Tim’s subconscious mind. In the photo the body decomposes and recomposes as it travels in and out of dreams through the oblong-shaped portal. The balloon head serves as both a navigator and narrator, who leads the dreamer on a journey through the psyche providing clues to the interpretation of the dreams.

This photograph was printed on a 24”x30” hand-coated sheet of Arches printmaking paper, and printed with pigment-based archival inks by the artist.”

Find out more about Tim from a past blog post or see more of his work at http://timarroyo.com/

Interested in seeing the entire show? It runs through mid-August:

7th Annual National Self-Portrait Exhibition
33 Contemporary Gallery at the The Zhou B. Art Center
1029 W. 35th Street, Chicago, IL 60609
Show runs now – August 13th
Gallery Hours: Monday to Friday 10 am to 5 pm, Saturday 11 am to 4 pm

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Beginning December 6th, stop by to visit our Harrington Galleries featuring our students’ design work. Galleries include:

  • First floor gallery: A celebration of Harrington’s 2010 success stories from students, faculty and alumni
  • Second floor Barbara Marks gallery:  Combined Master’s student work
  • Second floor: Chairs for Charity display and Communication Design student work
  • Fourth floor: Communication Design, Interior Design and Photography student work
  • Fifth floor:  Photography student work and Logo Design

This Saturday, December 18th, you can also catch our Graduate Thesis Defense and Portfolio Show! Four of Harrington’s Master’s candidates will defend their theses, including a question and answer session with guests afterwards. Event will be held at the Harrington College of Design, 200 West Madison, Chicago from 9 am – 1 pm.

Finally, Mark Your Calendar! Is it time you put your passion for design to practice? Here are some important upcoming Harrington Dates:

  • December 23, 2010- Harrington Scholarship Application Deadline
  • December 31, 2010- Undergraduate application deadline for the spring term

New Student Orientations

  • January 5, 2011- Undergraduate Orientation
  • January 7, 2011- Undergraduate Orientation
  • January 7, 2011- Graduate Orientation

Please feel free to stop by!

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