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Read some fascinating articles that feature some of Chicago’s historic architectural gems: from its unique neon lights to sidewalk stamps to bygone breweries, when you walk through the streets of Chicago on your way to your interior design, photography, or graphic design classes at the Harrington College of Design, you’ll appreciate your steps all the more! Capture some of Chicago’s history through the lens of your camera or gain inspiration for your interior design or graphic design from the rich history of Chicago that surrounds you. The articles and tours offered by Forgotten Chicago explain how and where Chicago’s history is hidden with the architecture of the modern day.

You can vote for what Forgotten Chicago 2011 Fall Tours you want to go on by clicking here.

Whether you’ve lived in Chicago for years, or have recently relocated to the city for college, definitely check out Forgotten Chicago to learn more about the fascinating history of (what I personally believe to be) one of the greatest cities in the world!

All photos courtesy Forgotten Chicago

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The title of this post says it all – calling all Not-For-Profits that are in need of Photography!

Harrington College of Design’s Social Practices in Photography (or PHO269) is seeking new, start-up or underfunded not-for-profits who are in need of professional photographic services. This class offered through  Harrington College’s renowned Photography program is hoping to provide images to organizations that have not had the means to afford a professional photographer in the past.  In order to qualify for this program, images must be used in printed collateral sometime in the remainder of 2011 and carry the student’s credit information.  The student should receive copies of the final printed piece for their portfolio materials as well.

By shooting for a real client, the goal is to provide a real world experience for our Harrington photography students while helping them understand the power or value of an image outside of its commercial value.

This two-part course is part of our new four year Bachelor of Fine Arts in Commercial Photography (BFA) program, which adds social service and global awareness to the technical foundation students receive in the first two years of the program.

If you are interested in receiving photographic services or know someone who might please get in touch with Dirk Fletcher, Department Chairman of the Photography Program at Harrington College of Design at dfletcher@harringtoncollege.com.

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An educator through and through, Harrington College of Design Photography college instructor Tim Arroyo is a vibrant Chicago photographer who recently initiated a Chicago Photoshop User group through Adobe. The group is dedicated to learning and sharing all that is Photoshop, and is open to all levels of experience.

On the User group page, Tim shares, “I constantly encounter many Photoshop users, but there are no groups to support them. I want to start this group as a way of communicating and uniting those individuals about PS, via meetings, training sessions, and fun PS-related activities. I hope to bring in practicing professionals as guest speakers to demonstrate techniques and workflows using the application.”

The group already has 27 members after being open for just a few weeks! Interested in joining or know someone who might be? Check it out at http://chicago-photoshop.groups.adobe.com/

Learn more about Tim Arroyo (shown above) by visiting his site or by searching for him in this blog (just look for the search feature to the right or at the very top of the page!)

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Last night, Harrington College Photography Alum, Casey Miller, unveiled the premier of his film Montgomery. Casey shares the process of making his film below…

“I’ve always been drawn to photography and film, but it wasn’t until I took the multimedia class at Harrington College of Design that I really got to explore my love of film. It was an incredible class taught by the head of Harrington’s photography department, Dirk Fletcher, learning all about the parts of movies, the different tools of the trade, and of course Final Cut, made the class one I always looked forward to. I quickly became obsessed with the exercises; making commercials using Final Cut, filming with the Steadicam, and then finally making my own promotional video. I couldn’t get enough, when the class ended I wanted more. So when the opportunity arose to work one on one with Dirk Fletcher to do my own project, I leaped at the opportunity.

Writing this now, I realize how unsuspecting I was. I actually though that I would be able to write, produce, cast, film, direct, and edit my movie within a semester. I was crazy and inexperienced. I now know that making a movie is an enormous project. Even in its simplest form, filming and editing, both are hugely important and in need of incredibly detailed attention.  If I hadn’t taken the multimedia class both of these things would have turned out horribly. The seemingly most simple things would have been overlooked had Dirk not helped me see them.

I was lucky to have such incredible actors, my friends and fellow students sacrificed so much of their time to help with this project, I’m eternally thankful. Even more so because they had to deal with me contacting Dirk every hour to help me fix something I was doing wrong.

But through it all: missing memory cards, learning lines, fixing lighting, finding locations, replacing actors, losing assistants, designing props, wardrobe, adjusting sound, filming during actors finals, reshoots, etc., I have a finished film I can be proud of, and to say I’m wise from the experience is a HUGE understatement. I will always appreciate the help Dirk Fletcher gave me when filming and editing the movie, and the help Harrington and student government gave me with putting together the showcase.

I am Casey Miller, I am a Photographer, and after four months of filming, over 200 hours of editing, and lots of help, I am also now a filmmaker.”

HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to you Casey for all your hard work – judging by the responses last night, it certainly paid off. Can’t wait to see all that you do in the future!!

Photo courtesy Casey Miller


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Introducing “Montgomery”, a student film by Harrington College of Design Photography Graduate Casey Miller. Tonight, Harrington College of Design and the Harrington Student Government will be sponsoring the premier of the movie! Details are below:

 “Montgomery” Movie Premier
Harrington College of Design, Room 106
Thursday, August 18th (TONIGHT!) at ‎9:00 PM

“Officers Jack Pappas and Horton Fullbring were the best on the force. Their undercover work has brought down some of the biggest drug dealers in the city. Their next set up was like any other; they would bring down another notorious drug dealer. They though the plan was perfect… But in a matter of seconds everything goes wrong, drug dealer Tony escapes, the bags of money and drugs disappear, and the only clue the officers have is a kid they find at the scene of the crime. They think they’ve caught their man. However, they soon discover Tyler Montgomery won’t be as easy to interrogate as they thought…

How will the officers deal with finding the truth when their only lead is really 5 people? Tyler Montgomery suffers from dissociative identity disorder; at any time he can be the aggressive Angela, the sophisticated Eugene, the playful Cameron, or the nervous Sam.  Jack and Horton will have to interrogate each of these personalities until they find the truth. But with five people in one, the truth wont be easy to uncover.”

See the movie trailer at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pALT0yZEymk

Come stop by and see the movie tonight! Tomorrow, read about the making of Montgomery as shared by Casey.

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Earlier this year I highlighted Linda Bergonia, a Harrington alumna, whose exciting career path eventually led her to Food Photography – check out the interesting three day feature here. Linda is still keeping busy and innovating as she goes along: I recently caught wind of her latest project, FollowSpot Media, where she has pulled  together a team of other food professionals, marketing, video and social media partners to create gorgeous marketing videos and push them out on the interwebz.

FollowSpot Media creates engaging (food related) online videos to achieve their clients’ business goals. Linda shares, “We are storytellers who create a new solution to marketing problems. We are changing the web-based video model. We have pulled together a strong partnership with team of experts who are truly passionate about food and telling the stories behind the chefs who make it. We focus on this art as a specialty, not merely an area of service. We shape your message with an innovative approach to appeal to your audience.”

Their story telling passion for food is clear in a few great examples of their work featured below:

Girl and the Goat’s Sauteed Cauliflower

One of the partners that comprises FollowSpot’s team is Forward Motion Media; another Harrington Graduate, Jon Hamblin, is a part of the FMM team and worked on the video below, a sake program preview for the newly opened Union Sushi + Barbeque Bar:

Union Sushi Sake

Other FollowSpot team members include Total Dish Marketing and Nimble Social Media, also integral in taking Union’s concept to market.

It’s always very exciting to see what our alumni are up to in the field! If you are an alumni of Harrington College and interested in sharing your story, email it to me at info@harringtoncollege.com

About Linda Bergonia:
Linda Bergonia is an alumna of the Harrington College of Design and heads up the  FollowSpot Media team. In addition, Linda owns her own photography firm, Bergonia Photography, which specializes in food, chef, and restaurant photography. Linda Bergonia works closely with chefs and other food-and-wine professionals to create photographs and video that do more than show an image–they tell a story. Visit Bergonia Photography at www.bergoniaphotography.com.

Videos courtesy FollowSpot Media. Photo courtesy Bergonia Photography, videos courtesy FollowSpot Media

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The Harrington Library is continually adding new photography college resources, interior design training references and great info for your graphic design classes!

You’d expect a great design college to have a great library. Harrington’s is top notch, with almost 100 design magazines to browse each month, and enough new books to make any designer’s coffee table jealous. Find a book you want to recommend to friends? Every item in the library has a “persistent link” so that if you ever want to share it with others, you can easily send a link that refers directly to publication.

Most recently, Harrington’s design library has begun subscriptions to two new journals which help support the Communication Design program in particular:

Baseline: a leading international magazine about type and typography which sets out to reflect all aspects of type, including its design, history, use and links to the graphic, art and craft scenes. With content that is deliberately eclectic, Baseline has an editorial stance that is open with a high focus on originality of thought balanced with academic research.


Graphic: published in Seoul, Korea, Graphic focuses on trends of graphic design that are out of the mainstream. It publishes with an in-depth approach of “one-issue, one-theme”. Originally published in Korean, from the 9th issue onwards it is written in both Korean and English.

The new publications can be found on the “Current Periodicals” shelves in the library for in-house browsing!  The library is always your source for whatever you need, so stop by whenever to talk to the library staff about all that is available to you!

Photo courtesy Morgue, graphics courtesy Baseline magazine and Graphic magazine

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