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When Reuben Warshawsky and David Rosen, co-founders of CLG Realty and co-managers of Mallinckrodt Renaissance LLC approached Peter Klick, Program Coordinator of Interior Design at the Harrington College of Design with their dynamic rehabbed church turned condo, an exciting competition for Harrington interior design program students and alumni was born!

The Challenge: Design the interior of a gorgeous condo in a building that was previously a church at the Mallinckrodt in the Park in Wilmette, IL. Provide floor plans of the lower floor and the Mezzanine including at least two renderings (computer, hand rendering or mixed technique): one view from the large space and one view from the master bedroom area. Be creative.

The competition garnered some great press as the Harrington alumni and student teams quickly went to work to design the space. The Mallinckrodt / Harrington Residential Design Competition judging event was held last Wednesday September 21st within the very unit in Wilmette, IL that the students had just designed.

We’re excited to share the top three winning designs produced by our exceptional interior design college team winners!

Today, check out Third Place winners, Harrington Interior Design alumni Ann Kendall and Momi Jahn’s gorgeous design entry above and below…

Tomorrow, don’t miss the Second Place winning design!

Interior Designs courtesy Ann Kendall and Momi Jahn

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Spotted in the news: Harrington College of Design’s condo competition for students in the interior design college program featured in the Today’s Homes section of Chicago Sun Times on 9/8/11!

Student teams from Harrington’s interior design college program are currently competing to completely design the interior of a new condo unit within a rehabbed church. The competition was formed when Reuben Warshawsky and David Rosen, co-founders of CLG Realty and co-managers of Mallinckrodt Renaissance LLC, came up with the idea for the design competition and approached Peter Klick, Program Coordinator of Interior Design at Harrington College.  Within the article, David Rosen shares, “We’re really excited about the idea of having three dozen of the most talented young designers in Chicago working on this one-of-a-kind home. The competitive format ups the ante, so we’re expecting to see some really great ideas.”

Can’t wait to show off the top designs from the competition – keep reading the blog to see the final three winners!

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On July 21st, 11 Harrington Interior Design students and two faculty members took a very unique field trip: one that took them to the open construction space atop the Ritz Carlton Residences currently under construction!

During the exciting trip, students learned the in’s and out’s of real world construction projects from start to finish, including background on how restoration is handled during the construction of the historic building located on the Magnificent Mile of Chicago. From an outside construction elevator, to safety gear, to breathtaking 360* views of the lake and downtown Chicago, the field trip was a once in the lifetime opportunity for the interior design program students to see the up and coming space.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Many thanks to Natalia Zurowska, Design Director of the Ritz Carlton Residences and a current student working on her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design at Harrington College, Jim Clementi from Prism Company and Jane Shawkey from Rubloff.

All photos from the trip can be found here.

Photos courtesy Peter Klick

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What better way to spend a few minutes of your Friday than by experimenting with color effects? This great video below, put together by Harrington College of Design Interior Design instructor, Peter Klick, demonstrates how drastic an effect different colors can have in the same space. How do the different effects make you feel? What emotions would they inspire if you walked into the room?

Check it out!


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INTERIOR DESIGN: The Unexpected, the Surprise

“The design trend now is in the unexpected, the surprise.

In a dining room, frames and furniture that melt into the background of the wall…

In a spa, fixtures and ambiance that work together to touch emotions and stimulate the mind and body perceptions.

In a room, LED lights that change color and allow you to create different moods in the same setting…”

Peter Klick
Instructor & Program Coordinator Interior Design, Harrington College of Design
Owner, Klick Interiors

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