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On July 21st, 11 Harrington Interior Design students and two faculty members took a very unique field trip: one that took them to the open construction space atop the Ritz Carlton Residences currently under construction!

During the exciting trip, students learned the in’s and out’s of real world construction projects from start to finish, including background on how restoration is handled during the construction of the historic building located on the Magnificent Mile of Chicago. From an outside construction elevator, to safety gear, to breathtaking 360* views of the lake and downtown Chicago, the field trip was a once in the lifetime opportunity for the interior design program students to see the up and coming space.

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Many thanks to Natalia Zurowska, Design Director of the Ritz Carlton Residences and a current student working on her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design at Harrington College, Jim Clementi from Prism Company and Jane Shawkey from Rubloff.

All photos from the trip can be found here.

Photos courtesy Peter Klick

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What better way to spend a few minutes of your Friday than by experimenting with color effects? This great video below, put together by Harrington College of Design Interior Design instructor, Peter Klick, demonstrates how drastic an effect different colors can have in the same space. How do the different effects make you feel? What emotions would they inspire if you walked into the room?

Check it out!


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INTERIOR DESIGN: The Unexpected, the Surprise

“The design trend now is in the unexpected, the surprise.

In a dining room, frames and furniture that melt into the background of the wall…

In a spa, fixtures and ambiance that work together to touch emotions and stimulate the mind and body perceptions.

In a room, LED lights that change color and allow you to create different moods in the same setting…”

Peter Klick
Instructor & Program Coordinator Interior Design, Harrington College of Design
Owner, Klick Interiors

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Specializing in one-of-a-kind items from around the world, PRIMITIVE seeks to present objects that are both meritorious and meaningful. Recently, a group of Harrington College of Design students from interior design instructor and program coordinator Peter Klick’s class were given an exciting tour throughout the flagship PRIMITIVE store in Chicago’s Fulton River District. Check out some glimpses of the trip below:

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Special thanks to PRIMITIVE and Eric Hodowanic for the tour! Learn more about the store at http://www.beprimitive.com/.

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The power of social media is undeniable – and in the competitive design industry, getting your name out there leads to some great recognition and exposure.

Just four months after uploading a rendering from his Harrington Thesis project, interior design student Ryan Hatch has over 900,000 views, and the traffic just keeps growing.

Ryan moved from West Palm Beach Florida to come to the Harrington College of Design. He shared, “I’ve always been doing some form of art as far back as I can remember so I always knew I would turn it into a career somehow. I worked at an interior design firm in Florida doing rendering, and I decided to go to school so I could be a designer and not just a 3D renderer.

I think the most important thing I have learned at Harrington is that even if you design something it has to be built, so more than just sketches and renderings are important. The ability to understand what you designed and how it can be built and work in the space is most important part of all.”

See Ryan’s popular rendering and visitors to date at DeviantArt and below:

“My inspirations come from mostly video games, various painters and music. My dream is to work and live in Japan with my best friend after school. My favorite class project was my thesis project, I felt that Peter Klick allowed us to really do what we felt was important to us, and that was a great experience,” Ryan said.

His inspiration is evident in a great video he put together to tie a story into his entire Thesis body of work. Watch it below!


Photos and renderings courtesy Ryan Hatch.

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Harrington Interior Design instructor and Program Coordinator Peter Klick’s Fall 2010 Experimental Design Class AA took their design from the 2D to a stunning 3D addition to Harrington’s interior – check out the construction from start to finish of the redesigned Interior Design Curriculum Wall at the Harrington College of Design below!  

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Here’s the finished wall:

Great work to all students involved: Alysse Bzdon, Lindsay Fulton, Amanda Lorenz, Ann Mikolajewicz, Veronica Rodriguez and Allison Saum!

Photos courtesy Peter Klick

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On November 3rd, 2010, outstanding Interior Design student work from Thesis Prep, Thesis, and Portfolio classes was showcased at the semi-annual Interior Design Professionals Night at the Harrington College of Design. This event allows Harrington Interior Design students to present their designs and receive constructive feedback on their work from leading design professionals and alumni. It also created the opportunity for current Harrington students to network and connect with working professionals in the industry.

You can see all photos from the event here.  

A warm thank you to Tom Marquart, Sarah Kuchar and Peter Klick for helping to bring the talented Interior Design Experts to the Harrington College for the event.

And, of course, special thanks to all the experts:
James Kursar,  Dawn D’Orso, Julie Amato-Kohl, Tom Marquardt, Lynne Marrs, Vince Gammino, Daniel Fogerty, John Rouse, Jim Wild, Lauren Hoffman, John Kelly, Lena Kitson, Dianna Schlaff,  Alison Wilcox, Meredith Smerchek, Jessica Statz, Tim Wolfe, Sarah Kuchar  and Li-Pei Schweder.

We look forward to the Spring Semester Professional Night!  

Photos courtesy Peter Klick

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