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This feature is continued from yesterday…

Yesterday I shared what driving inspirations fuel Harrington College of Design’s own Peter Klick, Interior Design (ID) instructor and Program Coordinator. See below for a tour of his latest creation, a beautiful Swiss house with an interesting concept…

Peter shared, “The concept for the design of Haus S is centered on the rectangular band running along the interior in relation to the side of the lake outside: the design is intended to absorb this relationship as a common language.

The structure is separated from the internal components by indirect lighting that serves as a translucent connection from wall to ceiling, making the rooms exciting and interesting. The ceiling stands out visually from the wall and makes the room seem spacious and creates a floating effect.

Bathroom: LED lights can change color depending on client’s mood selection or time of day. I proposed LED color changes in the stairwell, dressing room corridor and the master bathroom for this project. To see the video of the LED color changing, click on the photo above.

Garage Design: Inspiration for the garage came from car tracks in the snow. Mirrors double the number of the cars and the size of the garage while car tracks lead into the entrance of the house and the elevator.  Lamps are in form of tires.”
To see some of Peter’s latest work, check out his website at PeterKlick.com or his collections on Flickr. Many thanks to instructor Klick for showing us your work outside of Harrington!

About Peter Klick:
Peter Klick received his education in Classical Furniture and Fine Wood Working at the Allgemeine Gewerbeschule in Basel, Switzerland after a four year hands-on apprenticeship. He continued his education at the legendary Staatlichen Akademie der Bildenden Kunste in Stuttgart, Germany where he received a Master Degree in Interior Architecture. For the next five years, Klick worked as an Interior Architect for Venzin AG where he designed, constructed and remodeled more than 200 boutique and retail stores, offices, homes and restaurants in Switzerland.

Klick’s extensive experience led him to establish his own firm, Klick Interiors, which launched in 1985. Since its inception, Klick Interiors had enjoyed a wide range of international projects ranging from an innovative classroom design for a prestigious Catholic School in Chicago to the complete interior redesign and construction of a historic 100 year old villa in Switzerland. Klick Interiors’ clients have included Interhome, UBS, Swatch, Seipp, a renowned Italian opera singer and Swiss publisher.

Klick Interiors specializes in residential and commercial projects throughout Europe and the USA. Working closely with every client’s individual needs, Klick Interiors visualizes and creates creative interior design concepts. Every concept includes creative space planning, light concepts, color schemes, aesthetic contrasts, materials and customized furniture design. Working from hand-drawn sketches, Klick Interiors brings your personalized concept to life using the latest technology in 3D renderings and CAD drawings. With close, personal ties to industry contacts throughout Europe and the USA, Klick Interiors coordinates with local architects, contractors, freelance builders and international and local furniture stores to make the client’s concept a reality.

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From a Swiss lake house to a stunning Lakeview house in Chicago, Harrington College of Design’s Interior Design college instructors’ superior craft is continuously demonstrated and built across the world.

Peter Klick, a Program Coordinator and instructor of Interior Design at Harrington College, is as passionate about passing on his experience to his students inside the classroom as he is to being a vibrant practicing interior designer outside of the classroom.  When I found out he had recently completed the contemporary design of a house in Switzerland (aptly called “Haus S”), I followed up with him to find out more…

Me:  What was your client like for this project and what were they looking for?

Peter: I usually work as a consultant or as an interior design advisor who delivers concepts, ideas and visualization. This project was that type of project – I provided the concept and the client built on the site with local architects. For this project, the client had many requests about the light concepts at first. However, before any discussions on lighting being created, we needed to first determine the space planning and furniture placements.

M: Outside of the clients themselves, where do you find inspiration for your designs?

P: I get a lot of inspiration for my designs from European design magazines, blogs and websites. I also follow up on furniture fairs in Milan, Cologne and New York and I check to see what designers are doing and what manufacturers have in their latest production lines.

Designers that inspire me are Jaime Hayón, Gaetano Pesce, Marc Newson, Patricia Urquiola, Arne Quinze, Bram Boo, Matteo Thun and many more…

Also, nature inspires me often… and the surrounding things I see during a day. I believe it’s important to learn how to see and then to use what you are seeing as inspiration.

Keep reading tomorrow to see more highlights from the house and learn about the concepts behind the work!

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Every year our Chairs for Charity project yields some dynamic results from our design college students: this year, we’re excited to show the top three designs which will be going to Chicago Home+Garden Magazine’s Chairs for Charity Auction Event.

Congratulations to…

First Place: Bridgette Nyman, Conversation over Coffee

Second Place: Sarah Anderson, Shoe Crazy

Third Place: Erica Swansey, Rosebutt

All chairs for the event were created in Harrington’s Interior Design college Experimental Design class taught by instructor Peter Klick. See all of the contenders here.

The top three chairs were chosen by an expert panel (who donated their time and expertise – THANK YOU!) that included Adam Moroschan, associate art director Chicago Home + Garden Magazine; Gerry Christiansen, object designer and educator at UIC and SAIC; and Morlen Sinoway, designer and owner of the Morlen Sinoway Atelier.

Interested in taking a seat at the event tomorrow? 😉 Info is below:

Chicago Home+Garden Magazine Chairs for Charity
November 2nd from 6:00 – 8:30 pm
Chicago Art Source, 1871 N. Clybourn Ave. Chicago
Purchase tickets by clicking here.


Also…IT’S NOT TOO LATTE TO GET YOUR (MAID, MID Interior Design, MA/MFA Communication Design) MASTER’S!  Get free coffee, tea and hot cocoa courtesy of Harrington College of Design tomorrow morning and check out our Graduate Programs information at:

The Artisan Cellar
222 Merchandise Mart Plaza, Ste 116, Chicago, IL
Wednesday, November 2nd from 8:30 am – 10:30 am


Photos of chairs Harrington College of Design Digital Photography students Dawn Uti and Beth De Meere.

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We’re proud to announce the grand prize winner of the Mallinckrodt / Harrington Residential Interior Design Competition! In addition to bragging rights to this fierce and highly competitive competition, the first place winners won $1,000!

Congratulations to Harrington College of Design Interior Design Alumni Hannah Moore and Nancy Walsh on their 1st place entry above and below:

You can view all of the final entries here.  This was an exciting competition that provided some great experience to our interior design students. Great job all of you, and congratulations to the winners!

Also MANY thanks to Reuben Warshawsky and David Rosen of CLG Realty for the competition opportunity!

About CLG Realty:
CLG Realty Partners buys, stabilizes and sells or manages financially distressed properties. Through their longstanding relationships with lenders, property owners and real estate professionals, they have established a strong pipeline of potential transactions.

When CLG Realty discovers an investment opportunity, they quickly and effectively complete an underwriting analysis, based on efficient and detailed due diligence, a strong understanding of the local market and comparative values, a realistic assessment of cash flows and the creation of an effective strategy to stabilize the asset. Once they have selected a potential investment, their expertise allows them to quickly underwrite, structure, negotiate and close each transaction. To find out more, visit their site at http://www.clgrealty.com/.

Design courtesy Hannah Moore and Nancy Walsh 

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Yesterday we shared Ann Kendall and Momi Jahn’s gorgeous design entry that featured clean lines and a sophisticated grey and gold color palette. Today, check out the second place winner of the Mallinckrodt / Harrington Residential Design Competition!

Second place went to Harrington College of Design Master of Interior Design Alum David Thompson (pictured above):

Check out the exclusive short movie and photos from the judging event below: you can watch as our Harrington Interior Design college alumni present their designs, receive feedback and find out who won!

Interior Design courtesy David Thompson, event photos courtesy Peter Klick

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When Reuben Warshawsky and David Rosen, co-founders of CLG Realty and co-managers of Mallinckrodt Renaissance LLC approached Peter Klick, Program Coordinator of Interior Design at the Harrington College of Design with their dynamic rehabbed church turned condo, an exciting competition for Harrington interior design program students and alumni was born!

The Challenge: Design the interior of a gorgeous condo in a building that was previously a church at the Mallinckrodt in the Park in Wilmette, IL. Provide floor plans of the lower floor and the Mezzanine including at least two renderings (computer, hand rendering or mixed technique): one view from the large space and one view from the master bedroom area. Be creative.

The competition garnered some great press as the Harrington alumni and student teams quickly went to work to design the space. The Mallinckrodt / Harrington Residential Design Competition judging event was held last Wednesday September 21st within the very unit in Wilmette, IL that the students had just designed.

We’re excited to share the top three winning designs produced by our exceptional interior design college team winners!

Today, check out Third Place winners, Harrington Interior Design alumni Ann Kendall and Momi Jahn’s gorgeous design entry above and below…

Tomorrow, don’t miss the Second Place winning design!

Interior Designs courtesy Ann Kendall and Momi Jahn

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Spotted in the news: Harrington College of Design’s condo competition for students in the interior design college program featured in the Today’s Homes section of Chicago Sun Times on 9/8/11!

Student teams from Harrington’s interior design college program are currently competing to completely design the interior of a new condo unit within a rehabbed church. The competition was formed when Reuben Warshawsky and David Rosen, co-founders of CLG Realty and co-managers of Mallinckrodt Renaissance LLC, came up with the idea for the design competition and approached Peter Klick, Program Coordinator of Interior Design at Harrington College.  Within the article, David Rosen shares, “We’re really excited about the idea of having three dozen of the most talented young designers in Chicago working on this one-of-a-kind home. The competitive format ups the ante, so we’re expecting to see some really great ideas.”

Can’t wait to show off the top designs from the competition – keep reading the blog to see the final three winners!

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