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As we look forward to the year 2011 and 2012 in the Interior Design, Photography and Communication Design worlds, what designs, ideas or industry trends come to mind? I polled our experienced and insightful Harrington instructors to hear their thoughts… over the next few days, I’ll share their opinions!

INTERIOR DESIGN: Lighting Technology

“Industry trends in lighting for 2011 call for us design professionals to pay more attention to specifying energy saving light sources and control equipment, as well as to continue to gain knowledge regarding the alternative light sources available.

As 2012 approaches further reductions in the use of standard incandescent lamp products, as a result of the 2007 Federal Government Energy legislation, will require that greater attention be paid by designers to the pros and cons of the available alternative lamp technologies and their appropriate specification.

It’s important for designers to fully understand the new evolving technologies and embrace their appropriate application.”

Patrick H. Grzybek, AIA IES LC, LEEDap USGBC
Fundamentals of Lighting Instructor, Harrington College of Design

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Patrick H. Grzybek, LC, LEEDap, AIA, IES, USGBC currently teaches the Fundamentals of Lighting TEC373 at the Harrington College of Design. Recently Patrick was asked to be one of just five panelists at a GE Lighting hosted media luncheon and panel discussion held on November 18th at Greenbuild 2010 in Chicago.

At the panel discussion, the “5 Forward” theme asked the panel to think about the future of lighting five years from now, including areas of discussion such as:

• How will we light our homes and businesses five years from now?
• How will government regulations and consumer attitudes re-shape the lighting industry?
• Will new construction or retrofit lighting look profoundly different in 2015?
• Which products will be subject to new federal efficiency standards between 2015 and 2020?

To gain some insight on Patricks’s views, I followed up with him after the event to find out some of his responses to the topics posed above. In response, Mr. Grzybek’s shared his viewpoints below:

How will we light our homes and businesses 5 years from now?

Patrick said, “Changes to the way we light our homes and businesses will accelerate during the next 5 years. Businesses, due to current energy codes, have adapted much more to energy reducing strategies since the beginning of this decade. Residential lighting will see the greatest change in available technology and because of this, visual environments will change from what we are accustomed to.”

How will government regulations and consumer attitudes re-shape the lighting industry?

“Government regulations are having a profound effect on the lighting industry both in lamp and light fixture technology. Consumer attitudes are slowly but surely embracing new lighting technologies. The desire for energy efficiency is becoming part of our overall vocabulary and it appears that the additional cost needed to achieve this efficiency is being reasonably accepted. However, we are reaching a point where greater governmental demands to reduce energy consumption through a reduction in lighting loads based on current technologies is not going to be practical.”


At the Greenbuild 2010 event media representatives included industry leaders including Builder, New York House Magazine, Inhabitat.com, Architectural Products, Chicago Home Improvement Magazine, LEDs Magazine, Green Builder, EcoHome, tED magazine, K + BB, Sustainable Chicago Magazine, GreenBiz.com, Green Manufacturer and GreenSource Magazine.

Way to represent Harrington Patrick!

Images courtesy Greenbuild and Charles and Hudson.

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