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This feature is continued from yesterday.

Featured at this year’s Lake Forest Showhouse and Garden event were stunning designs by lead Designer Susan Sissman and her team from Eclectic Design Collaborative which included Harrington Masters in Interior Design student (and soon to be alumna :)), Leslie Bowman , HCD ID graduate Gwen Williams and HCD Adjunct faculty members Cynthia Gissele and Denise Rush.

The dynamic group was awarded the design of the second floor main hallway with many closets that were originally purposed as areas for linen storage. The design team transformed the space – working around the concept of the manor’s past and peacocks – into a delightful assemblage of jeweled spaces.

The “Night Cap” room was designed to avert a visit to the lower level of the manor. The bar cabinet conceals an unsightly “slop sink”, while the bold red hue initiates a striking dance of the senses just before bedtime.

The “Solace” room is traditionally styled with a touch of whimsy. This petit hideaway offers a space to jot down a quick note,  complete with a sensually styled boutique stool by Christopher Guy.

“The Strut” room exudes the vain attitude of the peacock during his mating call. The drapery, designed with the ball gown header (exclusive to The Curtain Exchange), steps back into a lost era of design hues, but represents the most significant hues within the fowl’s plumage.

“Cedar Closet” is designed to recall the past with its warm and woodsy space. As expected, this closet stores beautifully designed wool and cashmere clothing and luxury winter linens – but also displays a glimpse of fashion, with jewel-like drawer pulls, and a hat box styled light fixture.

Awesome work from a very talanted group of designers. I hope to follow up with the Eclectic Design Collaborative group soon to learn about their other projects!

Photos and design courtesy Susan Sissman, Leslie Bowman and Eclectic Design Collaborative

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In May, a dynamic group affiliated with Harrington worked together to create striking designs at the 2011 Lake Forest Showhouse and Garden event!

For 26 years the Lake Forest Auxillary chapter of the Infant Welfare Society of Chicago, founded in 1926, selects a grand historic property in the Lake Forest Illinois area to be the site of their Showhouse & Gardens event. The homes are designed by distinguished architects and a competition is held for interior designers and landscape architects to submit concepts of redesign for the various spaces within each home. As a premier showcase that highlights creative talent, furnishings and products, this very publicized annual event attracts prestigious national and local publications, newspapers and television coverage as well as many local and national Interior Designers and potential clients.

This year’s 2011 event featured architect Howard Van Doren Shaw’s Thorndale Manor, a 25 room home on nineteen acres that was landscaped by Jens Jensen. Awarded the “Hall of Closets”, Harrington Interior Design graduate, Susan Sissman, served as the lead designer on a team from Eclectic Design Collaborative which included Harrington Masters in Interior Design student, Leslie Bowman, HCD ID gradudate Gwen Williams and HCD Adjunct faculty members Cynthia Gissele and Denise Rush. The spaces that the dynamic Harrington group was awarded was an exciting new interior design for second floor main hallway, now infamously named “The Hall of Closets.”

The “Hall of Closets” offers the ultimate expression of creativity and function, in this otherwise obscure locale. Drawing inspiration from Thorndale Manor’s past, imagine free roaming peacocks on the pastoral grounds. Their jewel tone plumage influences a warm, yet sensual and exciting palette throughout the space. As the peacock struts, his presence is apparent throughout the adjacent rooms, with abundant color. The hall path winks towards a feathered motif with the selection of environmentally responsible wallpaper and paint. The black and white drapery dressing signifies the beak of the peacock. The beak is also represented in white carpeting, bringing a reflective light element to the space. The mirrors-installed vertically located to the right of the hall entrance, and the chair featured at the far end of the path; represent home furnishings, designed as structural “art”- by Christopher Guy.

Keep reading tomorrow to see the finished concepts!

Photos and design courtesy Susan Sissman, Leslie Bowman and Eclectic Design Collaborative

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Need something to do for Mother’s Day this weekend, or just eager to get outside and see some beautiful gardens and interior design?

Head out to the Thorndale Manor, chosen as the 2011 Lake Forest Showhouse & Gardens and the site for the INFANT WELFARE SOCIETY OF CHICAGO’S Centennial “Celebrate the Children” three week event. The Manor and Coach House will feature more than 43 stellar quality interior and landscape designers, including  gorgeous interior design by Harrington Masters in Interior Design student, Leslie Bowman , HCD ID grads Gwen Williams and Susan Sissman, along with HCD ID Adjunct faculty members Cynthia Gissele and Denise Rush.

Since 1985, the Lake Forest Auxiliary Chapter of the Infant Welfare Society of Chicago, founded in 1926, has hosted a nationally recognized designer Showhouse & Gardens in Lake Forest, Illinois every other year. Over the three weeks they’re open, the houses attract as many as 10,000 guests!

The 2011 Lake Forest Showhouse & Gardens will run at Thorndale Manor from April 30 – May 22nd.  To find out more, visit the event’s site at www.lakeforestshowhouse.com or click here for tickets!

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Beginning December 6th, stop by to visit our Harrington Galleries featuring our students’ design work. Galleries include:

  • First floor gallery: A celebration of Harrington’s 2010 success stories from students, faculty and alumni
  • Second floor Barbara Marks gallery:  Combined Master’s student work
  • Second floor: Chairs for Charity display and Communication Design student work
  • Fourth floor: Communication Design, Interior Design and Photography student work
  • Fifth floor:  Photography student work and Logo Design

This Saturday, December 18th, you can also catch our Graduate Thesis Defense and Portfolio Show! Four of Harrington’s Master’s candidates will defend their theses, including a question and answer session with guests afterwards. Event will be held at the Harrington College of Design, 200 West Madison, Chicago from 9 am – 1 pm.

Finally, Mark Your Calendar! Is it time you put your passion for design to practice? Here are some important upcoming Harrington Dates:

  • December 23, 2010- Harrington Scholarship Application Deadline
  • December 31, 2010- Undergraduate application deadline for the spring term

New Student Orientations

  • January 5, 2011- Undergraduate Orientation
  • January 7, 2011- Undergraduate Orientation
  • January 7, 2011- Graduate Orientation

Please feel free to stop by!

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As one of DIFFA’s largest fundraising events, Dining By Design brings together top designers to create breathtaking three-dimensional dining installations. Since its inception, the fundraiser has raised more than $5.5 million. Each year, a team of design students from the Harrington College of Design partners up with a faculty member to create an annual DIFFA Dining by Design concept to show at the event held in the Merchandise Mart. This year, Harrington’s team included students Troy Atwood (ID), Erin Costello (MAID), Tim Naus (ID), Manuel Navarro (MID) and Danielle Vevea (MAID) led by their faculty advisor Constantine Vasilios, Interior Design instructor.

“Connections,” Harrington’s table for DIFFA’s Dining by Design 2010 took five interior design students five weeks, $2,000, and 6,500 coffee filters to complete.

Student designer Danielle shared, “Our design concept “Connections” was born at our first meeting in late September from two ideas. Our primary goal was to design a table that would engage attendees from across the room. A secondary focus was an observation that sharing a meal with others keeps us all connected in a way that technological methods of connecting with others never will. These two ideas fueled even the smallest design decisions displayed at the DIFFA event in the first week of November.

The round shape of the room mirrored the round KNOLL Tulip table to maximize conversation between diners. The backlit paper ceiling installation constructed from coffee filters connected the ceiling to the table and created an experiential environment. Carpet fiber connections defined the dining room walls. We even overlapped the chair legs to symbolize “Connections.” In the end, the opportunity to plan and execute a design for this event was an invaluable experience that would not have been possible without a dedicated team, the advice of Constantine Vasilios, or Harrington’s sponsorship.”

Great work Troy, Erin, Tim, Manuel, Danielle and Constantine!

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