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This week on the blog, I would like to introduce Michelle Osburn Renn, a Harrington Alumna who recently travelled to Spain and was willing to share her experiences. I hope you enjoy her as a the guest writer this week!

As most of you know, when our formal education at Harrington ends it is only the beginning of the life-long quest to really learn about design. George Nelson famously titled one of his books on design as a manual on How To See, which is quite appropriate for the design profession. In school we start this process of training our eyes to see design (or lack of design) in the world around us. However, when school is over and our eyes become less blurry from the lack of sleep, we must keep utilizing those design eyes in our everyday life in order to keep moving forward in our design education.I had a wonderful opportunity visit Barcelona, Spain just after I graduated in August and even though becoming a connoisseur of sangria was high on the list of objectives for this trip, I also wanted to make sure to explore the rich design culture that Barcelona had to offer and to further develop my own design vision. As a result I have put together a few posts regarding my “Lessons Learned” from this trip!

Travel can be one of the most insightful and enriching methods of building your design knowledge – it’s hard for me to even remember what I did before I studied design and felt its historical and artistic influences on my travels. Granted, a trip to Barcelona is usually a once in a life time event, but even going to visit a relative in Iowa or taking a weekend trip with friends to Milwaukee provides an opportunity to soak in and process the environment through its colors, forms, structures, or sometimes, waste. I am still learning how to see, and I hope you enjoy these notes from my trips. Maybe it will encourage you to take time to “see” the design elements around you and maybe share them with others as well in the future!

All photos this week courtesy Michelle Osburn Renn

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