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At Harrington College of Design, real world experience is our priority for our students: from instructors who are active, practicing professionals in their industry to unique graphic design, and interior design competitions, we encourage our students to get the valuable real world experience they need before graduation.

The latest competition currently running in our Interior Design program is an exciting Residential Interior Design Competition where creativity is key! CLG Realty Partners LLC and @properties has partnered with Harrington College to create the dynamic competition. Three Chicago area architects will be judging a competition where first place takes $1,000, second place takes $500 and third place takes $250.

The Challenge: Design the interior of a gorgeous condo in a building that was previously a church at the Mallinckrodt in the Park in Wilmette, IL. Provide floor plans of the lower floor and the Mezzanine including at least two renderings (computer, hand rendering or mixed technique): one view from the large space and one view from the master bedroom area. Kitchen and bathroom optional. Be creative.

The Contenders:  Four groups of Harrington College Alumni, current Master of Interior Design Graduate program students and Interior Design Undergraduate program students, in max groups of two. (photo from a field trip to view the unit is shown above)

The Deadline: September 9th, 2011

We can’t wait to see what comes out of this competition: it’s one more unique opportunity for our interior design students to showcase what they can do in the real world to potential colleagues, future employers and the public! Many thanks go to CLG Realty Partners LLC and @properties for the opportunity to show you what we got! 🙂

Photos courtesy Peter Klick

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