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10,000 Minnesota lakes. One lake branded each day. The ambitious logo project taken on by Nicole Meyer to brand each Minnesota lake has taken on a life of its own on her site Branding10000Lakes, and the results are fascinating: from subtle to tongue-in-cheek to literal, her logos offer a rare glimpse into the creative process of one very talented graphic designer. The lake names also make you wonder why animals seem to have such bad luck in Minnesota…

I’ve chosen a few of my favorites below – check out her site to see how far she’s gotten and let me know which one is your favorite!


All graphics by Nicole Meyer

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The author of over 1,000 trademarks and hundreds of designs for stamps, posters, post cards, envelopes and book covers, the work and life of Stefan Kanchev (1915-2001) offer a rich tale of truly foundational graphic design. Stefan Kirov was an applied graphic artist born in Kalofer, Bulgaria who worked in all areas of the applied arts. In 1994, Stefan was recognized by the International trademark centre in Belgium as one of the top ten designers of trade marks in the world.

On a site dedicated to Stefan, it states, “His works are imaginative, with calm and clear composition, felicitous relation between fonts and shapes, clear forms and creative ideas. He got his inspiration from the Bulgarian folklore and traditions.”

The trademarks above are just a sampling of his work – check out more of them (complete with descriptions of what companies and organizations he created them for) at http://stefankanchev.com/.

Some of my personal favorites were his “Rodopa: Meat production Plant”:

And a selection from his historic ships stamp series:

Very powerful work!!

All work by Stefan Kanchev

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