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Recently, Harrington instructor Leah Patgorski had her hand-sewn tent featured in the exhibit “What is a Hammer?” at the ADDS DONNA gallery. This month, Leah has been commissioned to create another custom tent to be featured at the Hyde Park Art Center opening November 21st.

I followed up with Leah to learn more about her custom creations. Leah shared, “For years, I have been working on various types of fabric enclosures. Early on they resembled cylindrical dressing rooms, and then some variations on that… then this past winter, I decided to make something more mobile that wouldn’t have to be anchored to the wall or ceiling. I also like the shape of the dome tent, with its simple structure and easy assembly. So I bought one and then used it as a pattern to make my own, such as the one you can see below:

A woman I knew through my former office saw this tent, and she became interested in having one made. She was already involved, as an artist, with the Hyde Park Art Center program (Not Just Another Pretty Face, a program that matches up patrons with artists who are commissioned to do their own version of a portrait). She decided to become a patron in the program as well by commissioning me to make her a tent.

Having such a creative and open-minded client has been great. Through drawings, models, and material experiments, we arrived at a very unique solution that I hope she will enjoy for a while. I learned a great deal along the way myself and I feel much more adventurous now as I start to look for the next manifestation of the tent idea.”

You can see more examples of Leah’s past work on her website, and check out her work in person at the upcoming show!  

Not Just Another Pretty Face
Group show of new commissioned works building on the age-old idea of portraiture
Hyde Park Arts Center
5020 S. Cornell Avenue, Chicago, IL
Gala and Unveiling – Saturday, November 20, 7pm
Public Opening – Sunday, November 21, 3-5pm
Runs through February 2011

Photos courtesy Leah Patgorski

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