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AAS Digital Photography, April 2009
Company Name: Lawrence Lau Photography
Job title: Owner

How did you get this job?
Last year, I decided to go into business completely for myself actually when I got a promotion at my other job. What I had originally thought to be detrimental to the photography side of things was actually a blessing in disguise. With the increased hours, I knew I had to make better use of my time on the photography side of things and actually get jobs that counted considering I had less time available for assisting. I began doing more tests with the agencies to build up my portfolio and also diversified my portfolio to attract more corporate/advertising clients. I also recently self-taught myself how to shoot and edit video, resulting in picking up Red Bull USA as one of my first video clients.

What do you do? 
I have expanded my business to include not just shooting photographs but also shooting video. I focus on fashion, beauty, editorial, lifestyle, and portraiture. I used to assist quite regularly for some commercial photographers in the city and out-of-town photographers when they were in town, but not so much anymore.

 Biggest piece of advice to further job seekers at Harrington:
My biggest advice to any further job seekers and students at Harrington would be to have some sort of idea of what field of photography you would like to pursue and start gearing all your homework assignments toward that goal. On top of that, start looking for assisting jobs or internships immediately while still in school. Professional photographers always need a hand no matter what job they are working on. Get that hands-on experience even if you have to do some manual labor and menial tasks for them just so you can see their workflow.  I started assisting my second semester into school, and it was one of the best decisions I ever made.

Recorded March 2, 2011

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