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Last Monday, I did a feature on the Gallery Show presented by the group of Harrington College of Design students who visited Japan between the spring and summer semesters of classes this year. While on the trip, students were tasked with creating their own independent study project based on the experience. Digging a little deeper, I was able to follow up with one of the Japan travelers, Natalie Malik to gain a little further insight.

After receiving her undergraduate and graduate degree, Natalie Malik had a seven year career in advertising in Boston, NYC and Chicago. Deciding she wanted to change her career, she came to the Harrington College of Design within the Interior Design Bachelor of Arts degree, and recently completed her second full semester at Harrington. 

Natalie shared, “I wanted to go on the Japan trip in order to take advantage of a wonderful opportunity. I wanted to be able to learn and explore such an amazing and different country, somewhere I wouldn’t have otherwise thought to visit. Having a knowledgeable guide planning our trip and tour was such a fantastic bonus. Learning the history of Japanese design and culture through the eyes of a professional and creative individual is a once in a lifetime opportunity.”


While on the trip, students learned much about the country and people of Japan, while keeping an academic focus on the history and design of Japan.

“My favorite part of the trip was the Kyoto leg since it is the most traditional and historic of the areas we visited. The shrines, temples and castles provided amazing design inspiration and were like nothing else I’ve experienced in my previous travels throughout Europe. I can’t wait for next year’s travel opportunities; I would recommend the study abroad trip to everyone!” Natalie said.

You can see some of Natalie’s photos in the post… wish I could have made the trip! Keep reading and watch for other Harrington trips, such as the annual New York visit and the upcoming trip to New Orleans!

Thanks for sharing your experience Natalie!

Photos courtesy Natalie Malik

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In April and May of 2010, eleven Harrington students traveled throughout Japan, studying design and culture. The group of students included representatives from every Harrington program: Digital Photography, Communication Design, and both bachelor’s and master’s degree candidates in Interior Design. Kyoto and Tokyo were the primary destinations, but the group also visited the ancient capital of Nara, the city of Osaka, the Inner Shrine at Ise, and the small coastal town of Hase.

The students’ work from this trip will be showcased in the Madison Street Gallery from August 6th– August 31st. Please stop by and check out!

Harrington College of Design’s
International Studies Japan Gallery
Madison Street Gallery, 1st Floor
200 West Madison Street
Chicago, IL 60606

Photo above is of the 2010 Harrington student group from Japan, taken at Kiyomizu-dera in Kyoto, Japan.

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