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You may have noticed her name appear recently a few times in this blog… from her outstanding Chatsworth Thesis work, to her great commencement speech, Harrington Interior Design alumna Joyana Peterson is definitely someone to watch in the interior design industry. I followed up with her to learn more about her work and her time at Harrington, and this is what I found out…

Joyana’s favorite project at Harrington that she has worked on outside of her Chatsworth Thesis was called Cube Dining. “It is one of my favorite projects because it is one of my first projects where I saw a clear translation of concept into design. I was able to explore a ceiling system that radically changes the dining experience.” The restaurant, which serves fresh foods including seafood, wraps and juices is shown above. Joyana’s concept for the restaurant was “a refreshing look with a chilling arctic design.”

As a recent Harrington graduate, Joyana is interested in commercial projects in all stages of the design process. Outside of interior design, Joyana is active in other fine art activities. When I asked Joyana what was the most valuable thing she learned while at Harrington, she shared, “I learned that design is a process. It takes a lot of practicing, testing ideas, trial and error. If you don’t get it right the first time, don’t be discouraged. Try it again.”

Look forward to seeing your work in the field Joyana, keep in touch! 🙂

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In anticipation of tonight’s Senior Show, catch a glimpse of the outstanding thesis work by Harrington College of Design, Interior Design student Joyana Peterson.

Joyana’s thesis design centers on the Chatsworth School of the Arts. In her project, Joyana shares, “William Chatsworth presses his philosophies on the school. One of which is learning to walk before knowing to run. He designed the curriculum to lay the foundation for creativity through traditional methods of instruction. The design for the new addition should reflect the school’s deeply rooted ideologies.”

Her design of the Chatsworth School of the Arts worked to “underline the unique function of each space using the classical language of design”: check out some gorgeous examples of her design sketches and renderings from her thesis project below!

All work courtesy Joyana Peterson

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