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If you are a Harrington student, don’t miss out on an upcoming trip to Greece from June 7th – July 16th, 2010!

Greece is splendidly endowed with resources for study and experiential learning. As part of the group that is going this year with Harrington, you will visit the incredible museums and galleries in Athens as well as design offices. The trip will include short and long excursions, such as a day trip cruise to Spetses and Hydra, two islands close to Athens. On a longer, three-day excursion, you will be able to visit the archaeological site of Delphi, Apollo’s sanctuary with the famous Oracle, and see the famous Charioteer in the museum Olympia (the birth place of the Olympic games) as well as visit Mycenae and Epidaurus. As students from the last Greece trip summarized it: “The Greece trip was one of the most important and life changing experiences we have ever had.”
Interested in finding out more?


Please contact Crandon Gustafson at

cgustafson@harringtoncollege.com, or Demetra Vartzikos, the Faculty Leader, at dvartzikos@interiordesign.edu

The Harrington International Studies provides an integrated travel/ study curriculum to help prepare students of design and photography for the role they will play in the global community through immersion into another culture.

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