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In exactly one week, a three-day trade fair featuring all of the above will take place at the Merchandise Mart. I know we have a ton of events going on lately, but this is just one more that is such a great opportunity for interior designers in Chicago – the city that never stops designing!

Design Chicago
Interior Design Educational Conference at The Merchandise Mart
October 12-14, 2011
222 Merchandise Mart Plaza, Chicago

You can check out the InResidence Newsletter for details ahead of time on seminars and the new product debuts! Register for the event at merchandisemartdesigncenter.com/designchicago

Graphic courtesy The Merchandise Mart Design Center

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Yesterday I shared some background on how Nancy Walsh and Hannah Moore formed the concept for their award winning Mallinckrodt Condo interior design. Today, they share the main challenges they faced for the chapel turned condo…

“The challenges within the space became another driving force for the interior design. We needed to create a space that didn’t distract from or disappear behind the original architecture. Lighting was an interesting challenge because we wanted to light the ceiling, and light the space from the ceiling without creating any eyesores with junction boxes, etc.  Storage was another challenge that really allowed us to customize the space and integrate functional elements into the new architecture we were creating. Honestly, challenges can be so much fun and really force one to creatively problem-solve, so that the challenges really become the benefits to the project.

This was the first time we collaborated together, and it was so much fun and quite rewarding. We worked really diligently on this project, and it was definitely worth it. We made a great team. We accomplished creating a truly unique, functional, beautiful, and livable space that hopefully people in real life will get to experience.”

If the new condo owners decide to execute their design, I’ll be sure to follow up with the final condo! Congrats again to Nancy and Hannah, and thanks for sharing your insight on your concept!


Nancy Walsh graduated from the Harrington College of Design in 2008 with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Interior Design. Hannah Moore graduated from the Harrington College of Design in 2007 with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Interior Design and on the Dean’s List. Check out more of her work on her site at http://www.coroflot.com/sided!

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Mallinckrodt Unit 313: Rejuvenation – Sunrise – Sunset. Designed by Harrington College of Design BFA Interior Design Alumni Hannah Moore and Nancy T Walsh
Last week we featured the winners of the dynamic Mallinckrodt Condo interior design compepition. I doubled back with the first place winners Nancy Walsh and Hannah Moore to gain some more insight on the inspiration and concept of their design. This is what I found out…

“Our first thought of the space was that it was very beautiful and had great potential. The ceiling is amazing: massive and delicate at the same time. The space deserved an owner and a good design. The architecture itself is inspiring, exciting, and it is quite unique for a living space. To have that sort of inspiration and an opportunity to work on something that is out of the ordinary right from the start is great.

Since we felt it would be clear to anyone entering the property that the space was formerly a chapel, we didn’t really feel that we needed to emphasize or hide those qualities. We came to the conclusion that we were rejuvenating the space rather than altering it completely. Then we began to think about what was symbolic of rejuvenation, and felt that the cycle of a day was a perfect example: every day is renewed with each sunrise. The sunrise and sunset idea also became the inspiration for our color pallet which we felt it would be an aesthetically pleasing and comfortable pallet to use within a home. Nancy was going to Rome this September, so her upcoming trip became an additional inspiration for the project and how old and new can be integrated together to create a beautiful place (like Rome).”

Keep reading tomorrow to find out what the main challenges of the space were!  Also, Harrington students – don’t miss the popular “Food for Thought” event tonight at Harrington from 5 – 7 pm in room 421: stop by and sample savory and sweet dishes all made from healthy, cheap and simple recipes! You can also pick up information on simple recipes, inexpensive and good restaurants in Chicago and specialty food stores in the city!


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Harrington College of Design students are currently hard at work pushing their furniture design to its limit in preparation of Chicago Home + Garden’s 2nd Chairs for Charity event which will donate its auction and part of its ticket proceeds to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation!

This year’s full line-up includes:

  • Suzanne Cahill, Maison Suzanne
  • Annika Christensen, Midnight Sun, Ltd
  • Frank Fontana, HGTV Host & Author
  • Harrington College of Design
  • Jeff Harting, FGH Architects
  • Cody Hudson, Struggle Inc.
  • Greg Jagmin, Greg Jagmin Associates
  • Karen Kalmek, Green Home Chicago
  • Gary Lee, Gary Lee Partners
  • Matthew Lew, Matthew Lew Fine Art
  • Raun Meyn, FoundRe Furnishings
  • Caroline Scheeler, Jayson Home & Garden
  • Morlen Sinoway, Morlen Sinoway Atelier
  • Tereasa Surratt, Author, Found, Free & Flea
  • Summer Thornton, Summer Thornton Design

Last year’s show yielded more than 200 guests who vied in a silent auction for fifteen one-of-a-kind chairs created by some of Chicago’s top designers (including work from several of Harrington’s students!) The event raised more than $10,000 for Designs for Dignity. See some awesome examples of the work featured in the 2010 show here.   Some work by a few Harrington College students from the show are shown below:

Now it is your chance to attend this year’s Chicago Home + Garden’s 2nd Chairs for Charity event:

Wednesday, November 2, 2011
6:00 to 8:30 p.m.
Chicago Art Source
1871 N. Clybourn Ave.
Chicago, IL 60614
Event Web page: http://www.chicagohomemag.com/chairs
Ticket Sales:  http://bit.ly/l0GeQA

Tickets are just $35 and cocktails and hors d’oeuvres will be served.

Can’t attend? Help get the word out by visiting or passing along the event’s Facebook page, or following the buzz on Twitter at hashtag #C4C11    We can’t wait for the event!

Logo courtesy Chicago Home & Garden Magazine

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Article written by Harrington College of Design Alumna Lisa Natale, as featured on her blogsite http://blog.cocorating.com.

About 99.9% of the time when I meet a client for the first time they’ll show me some of their furniture that they have no interest in anymore. Which gets me sad to see a furniture piece not being used to it’s highest potential. Why not work with your items instead of having them be an eye sore. So, here are some great tips on how to bring life back into an old piece or restore your items to fit your personal decor. Also, keep in mind if you have no time to DIY reach out to a local designer or craftsmen who can help with the restoration.

Have fun with your furniture and add some paint…its only paint! Casegoods are a great way to add color to any room!

Add a stencil to a piece of furniture to give it a custom and shabby look. (this website offers tips)

Yep, wallpaper your furniture! A roll of paper will turn your boring piece of furniture into a uniquely chic piece! Find a great wallpaper and use it as your art piece.

In thrift stores I always come across really ugly paintings, so why not turn that negative into a conversational piece. Wallpaper over that ugly thing and create a one of kind art piece.

LNM INTERIORS is a full service Interior Design firm that works with clients on large to small projects. Their design services assist you from the beginning by working with your architect or contractor. LNM also enjoys smaller projects where you need services for room by room. LNM can help you with the selection of wall colors, fabrics, window treatments, furnishings, lighting, and accessories and specializes in working with the client’s personal style to make their vision come to life. Visit their site at http://www.lnminteriors.com/ to find out more.

Permalink: http://blog.cocorating.com/2011/07/17/diy-furniture.aspx

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When you live in a city like Chicago, you begin to get used to living in small spaces. Undoubtedly it helps to be an amazing interior designer living downtown :-), but working within limited spaces (and on a limited budget!) can be really challenging.

When I first saw this I couldn’t believe my eyes – space saving furniture that can layout flat, yet can unfold into a wide array of pop up features. Designed by Shin Yamashita, the mat is called “Land Peal” and features a uniform gray color with touches of color to help highlight some of its functional capabilities.

From a desk to a lounge area to relaxing area to read, this mat is unreal – find out more about it here.

What do you think? Would you ever have something like this in your dorm, studio or apartment?

Photo courtesy dorknob.com

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This feature is continued from yesterday.

Featured at this year’s Lake Forest Showhouse and Garden event were stunning designs by lead Designer Susan Sissman and her team from Eclectic Design Collaborative which included Harrington Masters in Interior Design student (and soon to be alumna :)), Leslie Bowman , HCD ID graduate Gwen Williams and HCD Adjunct faculty members Cynthia Gissele and Denise Rush.

The dynamic group was awarded the design of the second floor main hallway with many closets that were originally purposed as areas for linen storage. The design team transformed the space – working around the concept of the manor’s past and peacocks – into a delightful assemblage of jeweled spaces.

The “Night Cap” room was designed to avert a visit to the lower level of the manor. The bar cabinet conceals an unsightly “slop sink”, while the bold red hue initiates a striking dance of the senses just before bedtime.

The “Solace” room is traditionally styled with a touch of whimsy. This petit hideaway offers a space to jot down a quick note,  complete with a sensually styled boutique stool by Christopher Guy.

“The Strut” room exudes the vain attitude of the peacock during his mating call. The drapery, designed with the ball gown header (exclusive to The Curtain Exchange), steps back into a lost era of design hues, but represents the most significant hues within the fowl’s plumage.

“Cedar Closet” is designed to recall the past with its warm and woodsy space. As expected, this closet stores beautifully designed wool and cashmere clothing and luxury winter linens – but also displays a glimpse of fashion, with jewel-like drawer pulls, and a hat box styled light fixture.

Awesome work from a very talanted group of designers. I hope to follow up with the Eclectic Design Collaborative group soon to learn about their other projects!

Photos and design courtesy Susan Sissman, Leslie Bowman and Eclectic Design Collaborative

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