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A while back I had the honor of doing a feature on Majed Ihsan, a talented Photography major here at Harrington College of Design. Sure you’ve probably read all about what some Interior Design alumni are up to, but I thought it was about time to do a feature on a current ID student.

Brian was brought to my attention by his Interior Design instructor, Elizabeth Wersells, who was impressed by a recent project he did in her ID1 class. As Elizabeth stated, “Brian definitely brings some key attributes of being a great designer to the table: he’s curious, active within the industry and consistently goes beyond the requirements of the assignment.” I followed up with Brian, and here is his feature…

Me: Can you share a little bit about yourself?

Brian:  Hi!  I’m Brian Naglich a current Interior Design Student at Harrington. After starting my program in July 2009, I have already been able to achieve sophomore status within the short time that I have graced these halls.  In July, I was a participant in Harrington’s HIP program,  which prepared me for the rigorous and challenging interior design program Harrington offers.  Currently, I intern at the Holly Hunt’s showroom in the Merchandise Mart, working in their textile library.  This experience, along with all of the volunteer/industry events that I participate in, including DIFFA Chicago’s Dining by Design, DIFFA’s Grant Presentation, USGBC event, Start at the Top Wine Tasting, NeoCon 2009, and a Timeless Design Seminar by Luxe Magazine, have given me an inside look into the industry that I aspire to be a part of. This year, I look forward to continuing my pursuit for education in this field by attending Harrington classes full time in the summer.

M:  What brought you to the Harrington College of Design?

B:  When I attended Central High School in Burlington, Illinois, I debated and contemplated what school and what field I wanted to pursue.  As Student Body President, and a very involved member in many other organizations and groups, I knew that I wanted both an industry and college that offered me the opportunity to make a difference and a career that would be challenging while providing me with a lifetime of happiness.  This is what brought me to Harrington.  I had heard of the school from my high school councilor, and even though he is not in the industry and had never had a student from his school go off to Harrington, the fact that he had heard of the school’s reputation of excellence spoke volumes.  Now that I have experienced what Harrington has to offer for almost a year, I am confident that I have made the right decision.

Keep reading tomorrow to see Brian’s project that caught the attention of his ID instructor!

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