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This feature is continued from yesterday…
Finding that perfect balance has been the biggest challenge, said student Galena Kapustina. “You have to remember that you are not the client,” she said. “I have a million ideas, but I have to make sure they’re right for Hackney’s, right for their current customers and yet still appeal to a whole new audience.”
As of yet, there is not a promise that their ideas will ever be fully implemented. Real-world simulation or not, it is, after all, still a class. “We’re hoping to find the idea that gives us the most bang for the buck,” said Hebson. “But with the economy the way it is, a major overhaul might have to be a little ways down the road. And what an experience to work with these kids! They’ve been great, very professional.”
The competition concluded with a panel of judges awarding the winning designs a total of $4,250, and the experience for the students to design in a very real scenario for a client’s programmatic requirements.
The winning student teams were:
1st: Chelsey Jackel & Galina Kapustina
2nd: Megan Klock & Ava Morris
3rd: Brendan O’Connor & Page Stoub
Honorable Mentions: Jessica Kraynak, Phuong K Lai Ao, Staci Miller & Rachela Schabowska.
The winning student solutions will appear at Harrington’s upcoming Senior Show and subsequently will be displayed at the Hackney’s location on Lake Avenue.
About Hackney’s Restaurant:
Hackney’s Restaurant has been a North Shore institution for 70 years. Its six, Chicago-area locations feature The Famous Hackneyburger® and Hackney’s French-Fried Onions®. Hackney’s has been owned by the Masterson family since 1939.
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When Hackney’s served its first Hackneyburger back in 1939, Brandon O’Connor’s grandmother wasn’t even born. Now he finds himself competing with 11 other young design students to give the 70-year-old restaurant a fresh new look. It’s all part of the Competition Studio class at Harrington College of Design, a course where seniors in the BFA program experience what it would be like in a real world challenge, complete with clients, deadlines and the ever-present specter of rejection. The student’s work is taken through to presentation boards. On December 15, the 12 students went head-to-head in final presentations, with Hackney’s awarding the winner and runner up a $2,000 and $1,000 cash prize, respectively.

“This competition gives students a taste of life beyond graduation,” said instructor Constantine Vasilios, Chicago architect and interior designer. “Because in the real world, it’s not a professor who’s judging your work, it’s someone who may not have the design vocabulary, but knows what works for them, whether it be the owner of an office building, doctor’s office or a long-standing North Shore institution.”

The owner of this particular North Shore institution is Liz Hebson, who has been a part of Hackney’s since the day she was born.

“We may be seventy years old, but we don’t feel it,” Hebson stated. “The chance to see how we could look for the next seventy years was just too good to pass up.”

But it can’t be just pie-in-the-sky design.

“We have an older client base, who loves us for the way we look and feel,” noted Hebson. “We can’t go from a comfortable, trusted friend to the hippest kid on the block. We can’t lose the identity that made us the success we are.”
That being said, she admits there is plenty of room for improvement. “Our last major design overhaul was in the late 60’s. So yes, we could use a little updating.”

Keep reading more tomorrow to find out who competed, what they designed and who won the competition!

Media Contact:
Momi Jahn

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