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This feature is continued from yesterdayHarrington College Admissions Advisors, Jennifer Griffith shares what sets prospective students apart when being considered for Harrington!

“In addition to being motivated, creative and having done their research, a great prospective student has talked to their friends, families, spouses and loved ones – the people who are going to be supporting them through college morally, emotionally, and sometimes even financially. College is a tough transition for any type of student, whether they are coming right out of high school or an adult returning to school after some time, and the best candidates not only have the passion for their industry but someone to support them while they do it!

Also, they know they are ready to live in Chicago, the nation’s capitol for Interior Design, the world’s 3rd largest market for Digital Photographers, and a main hub for agencies, firms, and advertising. They know our program is here and they want to see their education through to its fullest potential by attending school in an area that offers opportunities for students, interns, practical experience and employment after graduation. Our candidates aren’t just waiting to find a school that’s the right fit, they are making it happen and are ready to change their lives and career path TODAY.

Last but not least, the design industry, regardless of major, thrives on communication and the ability to meet deadlines. Our best candidates are organized and on top of meeting deadlines from the start of the admissions process and as they are working towards acceptance. This best prepares our candidates for the class style, completing assignments, and getting prepared for the professional world.”

Does this sound like you? Then it’s time to give us a call!  Keep reading Monday when I’ll share more insight from Jennifer on what professionals essentials help you get in to each of the programs!

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We often get questions from prospective students on what we’re looking for in our potential students… To get some info from those who know best, I spoke with Jennifer Griffith, one of our wonderful Admissions Advisors who actually has a background and education in clinical psychology! Jennifer works with students coming in from out of state or the country to attend Harrington, as well as local students entering college for the first time directly from high school. This is what she shared…

“Ideally, a candidate for Harrington is both motivated and creative. Professional design schools can be tough to find, so these students are dedicated to their passion in Interior Design, Communication Design and Photography and they know how to do their research. Typically, my best candidates have been checking out professional organizations and groups, following blogs, reading popular magazines and articles, and finding ways to outlet their interest until they have formal training. For example, many interior design candidates are already re-designing their own spaces or doing so for friends and family. Photography students are out taking photos: even if they don’t have professional equipment, they may have taken some photo courses in high school or have a natural talent. Communication Design students also outlet their interest in a number of ways…painting, drawing, using Adobe Suite, etc., and they are ready to learn how to make an impact with design. Some of them have also done some job-shadowing, sought out internships, or connected with someone already in the industry.

They also research their industry and career possibilities to have an idea of what they may want to do after graduation. Our candidates didn’t just wake up and decide that design was for them-they live it every day and they are coming to Harrington to be best prepared for the professional world (and we are ready to provide that preparation!)

Keep reading tomorrow to find out more!

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The author of over 1,000 trademarks and hundreds of designs for stamps, posters, post cards, envelopes and book covers, the work and life of Stefan Kanchev (1915-2001) offer a rich tale of truly foundational graphic design. Stefan Kirov was an applied graphic artist born in Kalofer, Bulgaria who worked in all areas of the applied arts. In 1994, Stefan was recognized by the International trademark centre in Belgium as one of the top ten designers of trade marks in the world.

On a site dedicated to Stefan, it states, “His works are imaginative, with calm and clear composition, felicitous relation between fonts and shapes, clear forms and creative ideas. He got his inspiration from the Bulgarian folklore and traditions.”

The trademarks above are just a sampling of his work – check out more of them (complete with descriptions of what companies and organizations he created them for) at http://stefankanchev.com/.

Some of my personal favorites were his “Rodopa: Meat production Plant”:

And a selection from his historic ships stamp series:

Very powerful work!!

All work by Stefan Kanchev

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When you look up collaborative design firms in Chicago, you get over 100,000 hits: communication designers, interior designers and photographers are working together within firms and across firms. In fact, “creative collaboration” is part our vision at the Harrington College of Design.

Are you interested in learning more about the Harrington experience, or for current students, do you know someone who is? Experience creative collaboration first-hand at our upcoming Winter Showcase! During an exciting workshop, Communication design, interior design and photography teams will work together to design a magazine cover and an interior vignette.

From the workshop to a Harrington Preview and Campus Tour, don’t miss this exciting opportunity to see and experience Harrington College of Design for yourself!

Saturday, January 22, 2011
10:00 a.m. – 2 p.m.
Harrington College of Design
200 W. Madison St.
Chicago, IL 

Light refreshments will be provided. RSVP by emailing Wendi at wfranczyk@harringtoncollege.com.

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Looking back at 2010…

…As we move forward into 2011 at the Harrington College of Design!

See more photos from 2010 here.  Everyone have a safe and Happy New Years!

Photos courtesy Peter Klick.

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As the holidays approached, Harrington Communication Design instructor, Andrew Hullinger, began to think about what type of test project he could create to present in an upcoming Harrington Communication Design lecture series. He became inspired when his wife mentioned that there should be an app for a bell choir. When his young son offered up “You should just shake it and the song comes out,” Andrew’s concept for a holiday app took shape.

Using just his laptop and Photoshop, Garageband, Corona SDK and simple free text editor for coding, Andrew created his holiday Handbell Choir app “iHandbells Choir” after just 3 days of art and sound, 5 hours of simple “coding” and 9 days of waiting on Apple for approval.

This project inspired Andrew’s upcoming talk in the Harrington Communication Design lecture series, where he will share “From Impulse to AppStore –At .99¢ how long before you are the world’s newest hundredaire.” In his every day classroom, Andrew said, “I teach what I refer to as ‘coding for creatives’ to demystify the complexity and jargon of computer science and show all my students that it’s not something to fear or avoid. In fact, being able to ‘MAKE’ your ideas into a product and not just a prototype is an amazing (if somewhat frustrating) way to really learn.” Read more about Andrew’s teaching philosophy by clicking here.


The iHandbells Choir is now available and helps you ring in the holidays by putting a professional handbell choir in the palm of your hand: pick a song, choose your part and tap (or swing) to ring in the holiday season.

See the app in action at http://vimeo.com/17773527

Also, you can visit Andrew’s Support Website on the app here: http://www.ihandbells.com/
(Fun fact: Andrew spent more time on the support website than he did on building the actual app!)

Andrew Hullinger is a Communication Design instructor at the Harrington College of Design who currently teaches Time Based Design, Web Process and Web Design.

We look forward to seeing your next app Andrew!

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Beginning December 6th, stop by to visit our Harrington Galleries featuring our students’ design work. Galleries include:

  • First floor gallery: A celebration of Harrington’s 2010 success stories from students, faculty and alumni
  • Second floor Barbara Marks gallery:  Combined Master’s student work
  • Second floor: Chairs for Charity display and Communication Design student work
  • Fourth floor: Communication Design, Interior Design and Photography student work
  • Fifth floor:  Photography student work and Logo Design

This Saturday, December 18th, you can also catch our Graduate Thesis Defense and Portfolio Show! Four of Harrington’s Master’s candidates will defend their theses, including a question and answer session with guests afterwards. Event will be held at the Harrington College of Design, 200 West Madison, Chicago from 9 am – 1 pm.

Finally, Mark Your Calendar! Is it time you put your passion for design to practice? Here are some important upcoming Harrington Dates:

  • December 23, 2010- Harrington Scholarship Application Deadline
  • December 31, 2010- Undergraduate application deadline for the spring term

New Student Orientations

  • January 5, 2011- Undergraduate Orientation
  • January 7, 2011- Undergraduate Orientation
  • January 7, 2011- Graduate Orientation

Please feel free to stop by!

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