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Endowed with a rich cultural history, the Near West Side is located west of the Chicago River and adjacent to the downtown Loop, just a few blocks northwest of the Harrington College of Design. “Once a bubbling cauldron of European immigrants, its business districts:–(Greek Town, Maxwell Street and Little Italy)–remain as vestiges of the mass migration from southern Europe during the nineteenth and early part of the twentieth century,” Wiki states.
In the 1940’s, the Fulton River District was a bustling commercial district with lumber, grain and wholesale produce shipped from its streets. The area is now home to the famous Haymarket Square, where labor riots broke out in 1886, The Boeing Company, Ogilvie Transportation Center, and the ever present smell of chocolate in the air from the Blommer Chocolate Company.

Over the past several years, the West Loop has undergone a dramatic transformation – evolving from the commercial distribution center that it was, into the vibrant antique, dining and photography/art studio filled area that it is today. Although remnants of its history still exist in the area from its busy shipping trucks to meat and fish markets, the bustling activity serves as a rich historic backdrop to the many events that take place in the area today including:

  • The Guerrilla Truck Show: an annual event where Guerrilla designers showcase their latest designs and concepts within rentable moving trucks in Fulton Market, and a favorite event that Harrington students take part in every year
  • The Fulton Market’s Annual Art Extravaganza: features Chicago Art work and live performances
  • The Randolph Street Market: an indoor and outdoor European-style urban antique market 
  • The Taste of Randolph: featuring music and high-class culinary delights by West Loop restaurants offering dishes and demonstrations
  • Year round art galleries, photography galleries, casual and fine dining
All in all, Chicago’s Near West side is definitely an area worth checking out year round – from its summer festivals to its trendy and ever growing population of great dining locations, it’s always a great source of inspiration to explore near Harrington!

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As Harrington prepares for the exciting fall semester, I wanted to keep sharing some backgrounds of our outstanding faculty members. Last week, I shared with you Duffy O’Connor, a Harrington College of Design Foundations instructor who has been with us for 10 years. You can check out his feature here and here. Today, I’d like to introduce Ryan Kapp, another Foundations instructor that has been with our college for 8 years.

Ryan teaches Foundations courses at Harrington, including Drawing, 2D Design, Color, Perspective & Rendering and Computer Illustration. Originally from Columbus, OH, Ryan came to Chicago to attend Graduate school at Northwestern University in 2000. There, he studied in the Department of Art Theory and Practice at Northwestern and received his MFA in 2002. Once he graduated, Ryan learned of Harrington from one of his peers in the graduate program at Northwestern. Knowing that he was interested in teaching, he applied, and soon began instructing part-time in the Fall of 2002.

Speaking of his first years at the Harrington College of Design, Ryan said, “When I first started teaching at Harrington it was located in the Fine Arts Building on S. Michigan Ave. I taught part-time for couple years and then was hired on full-time. After one year as a full-timer, I was promoted to Program Coordinator of Foundations. During that time we revamped the Foundations curriculum to accommodate a broader range of design disciplines. I also won a teacher of the year award from Career Education Company in 2006-07 while serving as the Foundations Coordinator. After two years as the Program Coordinator, I decided to take a step back to focus on my art career. I stepped down as the Coordinator and returned to part-time teaching where I continue to teach two to three classes per semester at Harrington year round. I split my time between teaching and working in my studio just west of downtown in the Fulton Market area.”

Keep reading tomorrow when I will share Ryan’s inspiration behind his work!
Paintings courtesy Ryan Kapp

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