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As the recent winner of Harrington’s Twitter background design contest, Communication Design student Levi Robertson-Ausländer draws from several unique places for his design inspiration.

“Travel and culture are the main sources for my design inspiration. I am inspired a lot by Australian and European designers, and when I travel, I always have a portable folder where I file all sorts of designed material that stands out to me and that I have never seen before in the states.  I store the material and then go back to it for inspiration when working with clients.

When I have a client describe a project to me, I start sketching in Photoshop while my client is on the phone telling me what they want or as I am sitting in front of them with my Macbook in person so that they may quickly see where I am heading with their project.. Once they are on board I start going through my design inspiration library of work. To me, design is a recycled work: we build on the past and move forward. Using foreign-influenced design inspiration is what has really built my client base. People love it because a lot of them have never seen it before,” Levi said.

Levi Robertson-Ausländer graduated from Central High School in Park Hills, Missouri in 2006 then went to the University of Missouri where he studied Environmental Architecture and Media Communication. In his freshman year of college, he created IVEL (Levi spelled backwards) to supplement his income while in college.

Speaking of his experience starting his company, Levi said, “IVEL has really gone far beyond what I would have imagined and I have been lucky to work with a lot of clients, which is especially rewarding since I taught myself how to use the Adobe software.” After realizing his passion for Communication Design, Levi transferred to the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2009, and then this past summer started at the Harrington College of Design.  

Besides being the owner of IVEL, Levi has produced graphic newscast content for NBC Universal in Missouri and has been an in-house graphic assistant and advertisement designer for ALIVE Magazine. He currently is the photography editor for Forbes Travel Guide, a freelance photographer for Hillsong United (which has taken him to events in Chicago, London and Paris), and is a freelance designer for Willow Creek in Chicago.

“I have a big interest in social justice issues and donate a lot of my time in designing for non-profits. I feel promoting a better life for all is not something we should choose to do, but rather something we should automatically feel is required of us,” Levi shared. Levi is currently re-designing his website, but be sure to visit it later this year to see highlights of his work at http://ivel.co/  (yes just .co not .com!)

If you are interested in contacting Levi for design projects, please email him at levi@ivel.co or you can follow him on Twitter @ivelcreative: as you can tell from this feature, he’s always up for a challenge and ready for the next project!

All graphics and photographs courtesy Levi Robertson-Ausländer.

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Recently Harrington created a Twitter contest to invite our talented pool of student designers to design a background for our Harrington College of Design Twitter page. I am proud to present the winning designer, Levi Robertson-Ausländer, an exceptional Communication Design student whose winning design is currently featured at our Twitter site.

Following up with Levi, I found out what brought him to Harrington.  Levi said, “I decided to go to Harrington mainly because Harrington seemed different and very business oriented. I attended the University of Missouri for two years then transferred to the School of The Art Institute of Chicago in 2009 to pursue Communication Design, but eventually ended up at Harrington after touring and being so impressed with the college.” 

When designing the Twitter backgrounds for Harrington, Levi turned to his extensive image library of photographs he had taken of Chicago over the past year. Looking for photos that combined great Chicago imagery with representation of the seasons, Levi pulled from existing Harrington logos and branding to create the final background:

Keep reading tomorrow to hear about Levi’s design inspiration as well as his background!

All graphics and photographs courtesy Levi Robertson-Ausländer 

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