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Article written by Harrington College of Design Alumna Lisa Natale, as featured on her blogsite http://blog.cocorating.com.

Entertaining? Registering? Or just love china as much as I do? Dressing a table to make it look like a celebration fit for a king is difficult to do. A few tips on how to create a magnificent table…

  • Stay simple! Use a simple white dinnerware with having the linens and centerpiece as the splash of color or pattern punch the table needs.
  • Don’t forget about the centerpiece…get creative with this! Use flowers, baskets, or glassware to create a beautiful and inexpensive centerpiece.
  • Select a theme and follow through. If its your birthday do an “Over the Hill” theme but instead of using creepy decorations replace them with black and white striped dinnerware! Be Creative!
  • Do a little research and look for a great and creative way to make the guest feel special. By giving an unexpected surprise like a flower in the teacup or glassware will make your guest feel special the minute they sit down.
  • Make your party an experience and by paying attention to the details will give the guests that wonderful king like experience.

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Also, need help knowing where things go? Here’s a great reference guide courtesy Dinner Party Menu Ideas:

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