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Harrington Digital Photography instructor Susannah Holmes (aka Susannah Lancaster) had an opening reception on July 23rd and is currently being featured in a great local coffee shop through mid-August! If you are near Evanston, stop by, grab some coffee and homemade gelato, and check out Susannah’s great work in person at:

linz and vail (coffee shop)
2012 Central Street, Evanston, IL 60201
July 15th – August 15th
Located right off of the Metra UPN North Line, Central Street stop.

In case you missed the feature, Susannah was recently chosen as the Harrington College of Design 2010 Instructor of the Year by our students!

Always awesome to see our talented Harrington faculty work featured near and far!

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Last Friday the 7th Annual National Self-Portrait Exhibition opened at the 33 Contemporary Gallery located in the Zhou B. Art Center. Entirely devoted to different aspects of self-awareness, the show features works ranging from representational to conceptual explorations of self-awareness in a variety of media.

Within the show was Harrington Photography college instructor Tim Arroyo’s awesome work below! In addition to being selected for the show along with over 100 other artists, his photo was chosen as the poster image for the show, and was used in the print and video marketing for the event.

One of the unique features of this show is the ability for attendees to use their cell phones to call a number specific to a piece to learn more about the work. Here is the description that was used for Tim’s work:

“This work titled ‘The Dream Voyager’ by Tim Arroyo is part of a series of works titled ‘Stage 5’ named for the sleep stage where dreams occurs. The works in the series are surrealistic in nature, and are visual interpretations of imagery extracted from Tim’s dream journals.

‘The Dream Voyager’ is a digital composition of photographs, who serves as a metaphor for Tim’s subconscious mind. In the photo the body decomposes and recomposes as it travels in and out of dreams through the oblong-shaped portal. The balloon head serves as both a navigator and narrator, who leads the dreamer on a journey through the psyche providing clues to the interpretation of the dreams.

This photograph was printed on a 24”x30” hand-coated sheet of Arches printmaking paper, and printed with pigment-based archival inks by the artist.”

Find out more about Tim from a past blog post or see more of his work at http://timarroyo.com/

Interested in seeing the entire show? It runs through mid-August:

7th Annual National Self-Portrait Exhibition
33 Contemporary Gallery at the The Zhou B. Art Center
1029 W. 35th Street, Chicago, IL 60609
Show runs now – August 13th
Gallery Hours: Monday to Friday 10 am to 5 pm, Saturday 11 am to 4 pm

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The “Vintage Vernacular” Street Style Photo Contest calls on all amateur and aspiring photographers to come out to the Randolph Street Market July 30th or 31st (this weekend!)

Voting will open August 1, so be sure to post your photos early and promote them online! Winners will be selected from the finalists by the Randolph Street Market judge panel and will be notified in advance. Click here to read the contest guidelines.

To qualify for free entry to the July Market, participants should email hamsini@imagepilots.com and…

  • Have at least 100 Facebook friends
  • Follow Randolph Street Market on Twitter
  • Like the Randolph Street Market Facebook page and share a link to their website on YOUR Facebook wall
  • Tweet the message “Check out @randolphmarket’s #VINTAGEVERNACULAR #streetstyle photo contest and awesome summer events! goo.gl/88Ers

Submit up to 1 photo per category: Vintage Group Grope, Crazy Couples , Puppy Vintage Love, Pin Up Beauties, Rough It Up, Summer Sensational, Man Candy, Blooper Reel

For questions and entry information, email hamsini@imagepilots.com.

Also, send them my way at info@harringtoncollege.com – would love to feature them in a blog post 🙂

Graphic courtesy Randolph Street Market

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In Harrington’s summer Modern Alternative Photographic Practices class within our Digital Photography degree program great things are happening… students are bashing vintage cameras into bits and reassembling into unique, modern photo making machines.

Above is Harrington photography student Juan Ambriz’s camera, and below is an example of one of his photos…

From the same class, check out Harrington Digital photography program students Amy Riggs and Sarah Frankie Linder’s awesome work!

See all the distinctive digital photography student work at http://modernaltphoto.wordpress.com/


Photos courtesy and copyright Juan Ambriz, Amy Riggs and Sarah Frankie Linder

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At the Harrington College of Design, we are always looking to push the creativity to the next level, and I came across one more awesome example from a summer digital photography class called Modern Alternative Photographic Practices!

In the digital photography class, students are taught to disassemble (destroy, dissect, otherwise part-out and reuse) older cameras and lenses. They then use these pieces to design and construct their own new photographic tools that create unique and one-off imagery: imagery that offers possibilities for commercial and fine art applications.

On their modern photography on the blog, aptly described as “the summer section of the amazing build-your-own-camera-and-lens-blow-stuff-up-paint-with-light-did-i-mention breaking-cameras-just-to-build-new-ones…class,” students are documenting their cutting edge photography work.

An example is Harrington Digital Photography student PClarke’s Fish Eye Lens cam (shown above) that took the awesome photo below!

I’ll share some more of the great modern photography student work tomorrow!

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