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The “Vintage Vernacular” Street Style Photo Contest calls on all amateur and aspiring photographers to come out to the Randolph Street Market July 30th or 31st (this weekend!)

Voting will open August 1, so be sure to post your photos early and promote them online! Winners will be selected from the finalists by the Randolph Street Market judge panel and will be notified in advance. Click here to read the contest guidelines.

To qualify for free entry to the July Market, participants should email hamsini@imagepilots.com and…

  • Have at least 100 Facebook friends
  • Follow Randolph Street Market on Twitter
  • Like the Randolph Street Market Facebook page and share a link to their website on YOUR Facebook wall
  • Tweet the message “Check out @randolphmarket’s #VINTAGEVERNACULAR #streetstyle photo contest and awesome summer events! goo.gl/88Ers

Submit up to 1 photo per category: Vintage Group Grope, Crazy Couples , Puppy Vintage Love, Pin Up Beauties, Rough It Up, Summer Sensational, Man Candy, Blooper Reel

For questions and entry information, email hamsini@imagepilots.com.

Also, send them my way at info@harringtoncollege.com – would love to feature them in a blog post 🙂

Graphic courtesy Randolph Street Market

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In Harrington’s summer Modern Alternative Photographic Practices class within our Digital Photography degree program great things are happening… students are bashing vintage cameras into bits and reassembling into unique, modern photo making machines.

Above is Harrington photography student Juan Ambriz’s camera, and below is an example of one of his photos…

From the same class, check out Harrington Digital photography program students Amy Riggs and Sarah Frankie Linder’s awesome work!

See all the distinctive digital photography student work at http://modernaltphoto.wordpress.com/


Photos courtesy and copyright Juan Ambriz, Amy Riggs and Sarah Frankie Linder

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At the Harrington College of Design, we are always looking to push the creativity to the next level, and I came across one more awesome example from a summer digital photography class called Modern Alternative Photographic Practices!

In the digital photography class, students are taught to disassemble (destroy, dissect, otherwise part-out and reuse) older cameras and lenses. They then use these pieces to design and construct their own new photographic tools that create unique and one-off imagery: imagery that offers possibilities for commercial and fine art applications.

On their modern photography on the blog, aptly described as “the summer section of the amazing build-your-own-camera-and-lens-blow-stuff-up-paint-with-light-did-i-mention breaking-cameras-just-to-build-new-ones…class,” students are documenting their cutting edge photography work.

An example is Harrington Digital Photography student PClarke’s Fish Eye Lens cam (shown above) that took the awesome photo below!

I’ll share some more of the great modern photography student work tomorrow!

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Last week, Harrington Admissions contact Jennifer Griffith shared what sets prospective students apart: their creativity, their drive, their research and their dedication. Today, Jennifer helps explains the more quantitative aspects of the admissions requirements…

“One of the best things about Harrington is that we teach from the ground up. Students come here with a varying degree of design experience and many without any at all. We teach from the ground up from design fundamentals, handskills, software, technology, industry knowledge and we believe it’s our job to help students create their professional portfolio from learning these skills.

For Interior Design Associate of Applied Science (ID AAS), Interior Design Bachelor of Fine Art (ID BFA), Digital Photography Associate of Applied Science (DP AAS), Commercial Photography Bachelor of Fine Art  (CP BFA), Communication Design Bachelor of Fine Art (CD BFA), and Master of Art in Interior Design (MAID), no portfolio is required. For our Master in Interior Design a portfolio is required, as candidates already have a four year education in Interior Design or Architecture and have accomplished their book of work in the initial four year program.

Our admissions requirements are published in the Catalog… currently, we require a 2.0 GPA, a Personal Statement Intent (equivalent to a college essay but challenging students to consider what they want to do with their education, why they have chosen to apply, and why they are a good fit for the program), and proof of graduation (from high school or college, we require the official transcript).

We challenge students to exceed our minimum requirement of a 2.0 and put full effort into all of the basic or general courses – we know students are creative and hands on, and we know they may not have had a lot of creative coursework in the past but just as any other college in Chicago, we are proud to be a selective admissions program. We are looking for the best possible candidate to carry on the 80 year design reputation we have built in this city and design community!”

Many thanks to Jennifer for your insight!

If you’re interested in Harrington or know someone who may be, please contact us to find out more!

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This feature is continued from yesterdayHarrington College Admissions Advisors, Jennifer Griffith shares what sets prospective students apart when being considered for Harrington!

“In addition to being motivated, creative and having done their research, a great prospective student has talked to their friends, families, spouses and loved ones – the people who are going to be supporting them through college morally, emotionally, and sometimes even financially. College is a tough transition for any type of student, whether they are coming right out of high school or an adult returning to school after some time, and the best candidates not only have the passion for their industry but someone to support them while they do it!

Also, they know they are ready to live in Chicago, the nation’s capitol for Interior Design, the world’s 3rd largest market for Digital Photographers, and a main hub for agencies, firms, and advertising. They know our program is here and they want to see their education through to its fullest potential by attending school in an area that offers opportunities for students, interns, practical experience and employment after graduation. Our candidates aren’t just waiting to find a school that’s the right fit, they are making it happen and are ready to change their lives and career path TODAY.

Last but not least, the design industry, regardless of major, thrives on communication and the ability to meet deadlines. Our best candidates are organized and on top of meeting deadlines from the start of the admissions process and as they are working towards acceptance. This best prepares our candidates for the class style, completing assignments, and getting prepared for the professional world.”

Does this sound like you? Then it’s time to give us a call!  Keep reading Monday when I’ll share more insight from Jennifer on what professionals essentials help you get in to each of the programs!

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We often get questions from prospective students on what we’re looking for in our potential students… To get some info from those who know best, I spoke with Jennifer Griffith, one of our wonderful Admissions Advisors who actually has a background and education in clinical psychology! Jennifer works with students coming in from out of state or the country to attend Harrington, as well as local students entering college for the first time directly from high school. This is what she shared…

“Ideally, a candidate for Harrington is both motivated and creative. Professional design schools can be tough to find, so these students are dedicated to their passion in Interior Design, Communication Design and Photography and they know how to do their research. Typically, my best candidates have been checking out professional organizations and groups, following blogs, reading popular magazines and articles, and finding ways to outlet their interest until they have formal training. For example, many interior design candidates are already re-designing their own spaces or doing so for friends and family. Photography students are out taking photos: even if they don’t have professional equipment, they may have taken some photo courses in high school or have a natural talent. Communication Design students also outlet their interest in a number of ways…painting, drawing, using Adobe Suite, etc., and they are ready to learn how to make an impact with design. Some of them have also done some job-shadowing, sought out internships, or connected with someone already in the industry.

They also research their industry and career possibilities to have an idea of what they may want to do after graduation. Our candidates didn’t just wake up and decide that design was for them-they live it every day and they are coming to Harrington to be best prepared for the professional world (and we are ready to provide that preparation!)

Keep reading tomorrow to find out more!

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This feature is continued from yesterday

The recent launch of Angela and Colin Thomas’ business, Thomas’ Photographic Services, marked a major milestone in both their professional careers. I followed up with Angela and Colin to find out what makes them so passionate about photography and also to find out what advice they might offer to current photography students.

On her passion for her photography, Angela said, “First and foremost, I love the fact that I have a job that I enjoy doing every day. It may not always be the easiest job, but I love the challenges that come with owning our own business. I enjoy walking into new situations with every job we take.”

Colin on the other hand, truly enjoys nature and the fine art that comes out of it. “My favorite thing is going out into nature for the day. I might get some great pictures, I might not. When I do get something it makes me feel good. I get to show people what is around them that they might never see because they are going through life at light speed. The best part of my photography is when I can convince people that the truth is a lie. ”

Colin and Angela also shared some valuable advice for photography students still in college:

1) We would advise current students to make connections while you are in school. Build up your portfolio with extra shooting and through your school assignments. When you graduate, no one is going to be knocking down your door wanting to offer you a job. It is your responsibility while in school to make as many connections and business relationships as possible. This way, when you graduate you have a running start.

2) Don’t be afraid to work with other classmates and fellow graduates, alone you are strong, but together you can do more. It will be easier to reach a larger audience when working with a business partner.

3) Lastly, don’t be afraid to charge clients what you are worth. Lowballing jobs, and doing jobs for free because you are a recent graduate diminishes your work. People will look at you as a recent grad, instead of the talented individual that you are. You have had a great education from Harrington, you are trained in commercial and studio photography. Know your value. You are not an amateur picking up a camera for the first time. You have real value and you should know what that is worth.

Thomas’ Photographic Services has already received some great press since opening! From a ribbon-cutting ceremony presented by Homewood’s Mayor Rich Hofeld the day their business opened, to their Homewood project, and a revealing interview with the Homewood-FlossmorPatch, it’s clear how excited Homewood is to welcome their new business.


Many thanks to Colin and Angela for your advice, and we wish both of you, and your studio, all the very best!

About Thomas’ Photographic Service
Thomas’ Photographic Services is located in Homewood IL and specializes in location and editorial portraits. They are also known for fine art and post production (including digital retouching, stitching, and large scale manipulations). To see more of their work or learn more, visit their site at www.thomasphotographicservices.com.

All photos courtesy and copyrighted by Thomas’ Photographic Services

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