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“My work is hand-made and I use no digital interface except a website that has not been updated in years.  I am a fossil according to some, but I predict that art and design will always return to roots at some point – usually when the people involved realize they don’t remember how to draw.”

Duffy O’Connor
Foundations Instructor, Harrington College of Design
Duffy O’Connor

Owl and Owl…?  courtesy Duffy O’Connor

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As we look forward to the year 2011 and 2012 in the Interior Design, Photography and Communication Design worlds, what designs, ideas or industry trends come to mind? 

Last week, I shared some insightful predictions from some Harrington College of Design instructors. This week continues with a few more…

PHOTOGRAPHY: Stock & Nostalgia

“Stock is a rising market in addition to the over-popular wedding and lifestyle industry.

Colors have moved towards the nostalgic color pallet that made the, now extinct, kodak famous. It’s almost ironic.

Film is becoming popular again for creative and emotional reasons to selling an image.”

Alyssa Miserendino
Adjunct Instructor of Digital Photography, Harrington College of Design
Alyssa Miserendino Photography

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“In photography, especially the higher end commercial work, I continue to see simpler and more honest work being more effective. As the basic skills for photography are learned by more and more people, it’s the things that transcend correct color, exposure and focus etc. that art buyers are drawn to. Authenticity, personal creativity and vision and a ‘less is more’ aesthetic seem to be more successful these days. The look of natural light, even if artificially lit, is in.  Just look at many of your catalogues these days and imperfections abound, and it’s done on purpose.

Additionally, I think that the exploration of CGI and video skills will be important for those interested in the more illustrative industries that photography is used in. I think that the possibilities are expanding and new jobs will be created eventually for those with niche computer skill sets that revolve around these imaging techniques.”

Peter Hoffman
Adjunct Instructor of Digital Photography, Harrington College of Design
Peter Hoffman Photography  

Photo courtesy Peter Hoffman

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INTERIOR DESIGN: Collective Design Intelligence

“After being at HCD for a full semester and continually absorbing the current state of design, I have a forward-looking trend I’m observing continuously, including at the IFI Conference that was held last semester at Harrington.

Considering the rate at which society is learning to process information within increasingly complex environments, I believe the divisions between design disciplines are overlapping even further—both in practice and education. The availability of the “body of knowledge” in each design discipline coupled with an increase in cross-disciplinary professional endeavors to make ends meet in unstable economic times begs us to rethink how to prepare students for the “real world”.

The public’s perception of a specific discipline, especially interior design, is gradually becoming more enlightened and challenged by embracing cultural changes and the loosening of disciplinary boundaries. Professional organizations seem to be the slowest to change. As designers and students of design, we should be more concerned with public celebration of design and not necessarily all of our legislated and preconceived differences. There truly IS an expanding collective design intelligence.”

Steven Fuchs
Graduate Faculty of Interior Design, Harrington College of Design

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INTERIOR DESIGN: The Unexpected, the Surprise

“The design trend now is in the unexpected, the surprise.

In a dining room, frames and furniture that melt into the background of the wall…

In a spa, fixtures and ambiance that work together to touch emotions and stimulate the mind and body perceptions.

In a room, LED lights that change color and allow you to create different moods in the same setting…”

Peter Klick
Instructor & Program Coordinator Interior Design, Harrington College of Design
Owner, Klick Interiors

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