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This feature is continued from yesterday…

creative go-round started in Christopher Gerke’s Humanities 400 class project as an assignment: use your skills as designers to change the world—however you want to.  When Christopher found students who were excited to participate, and design firms willing to link them to nonprofits, and nonprofits who were eager to collaborate with young designers, the process began. He knew immediately he had found a real-world need, and he answered the call to help nonprofits with their cause while helping young creatives learn valuable lessons. Christopher states, “I knew the only way it would grow is if I was there to get it started.”

Christopher is focused on spreading the word about the need for and impact of good design and the important role it plays in communities and for businesses.  His organization, creative go-round,  will serve to link nonprofits who deserve good design with talented community-minded students who can meet their needs, and surpass their expectations. 

He envisions creative go-round expanding beyond Chicago, and plans to take it to every major city where there are design colleges and nonprofits, the two essential components. He firmly believes that in five years creative go-round will have chapters in three major cities 

The creative go-round team is currently looking for new interns to work on projects and is excited about the clients they have secured over the summer.

The officers and directors invite you to celebrate the new home of creative go-round at 459 N Milwaukee Ave. for an open house on Saturday, August 21st from 2-6pm. 

For information on becoming a client, or volunteering your time and talents as an intern, or a mentor, please contact Christopher at gerke@creativegoround.com. Find out more by visiting the creative go-round website at http://www.creativegoround.com/

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