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Harrington College of Design’s Journal originally began as a conduit for Harrington’s faculty from all programs (Interior Design, Communication Design and Photography) to publish and communicate their ideas, thoughts and scholarship around design analysis within Chicago’s academic community. Today the Journal has grown to include select Harrington student essays and seeks to open up discussion of design ideas.

As catalyst and founder of the Journal, Harrington Interior Design Instructor Constantine Vasilios has worked each year to pull the publication together. As Constantine explains, “The essays from the faculty Journal approach subject matter from various points of view … As in all inquiries, the Journal causes more questions to arise that provoke avenues of subsequent exploration.”

Just a few of the articles within this year’s edition include “Space Thresholds” by Constantine Vasilios, “Space and Infinity” by Jeffrey M. Janes, “Poetic of the Primaries” by Peter Klick, and “The Work itself is Silent” by Duffy O’Connor.

Copies of Harrington’s Journal are sent every year to leading design firms in Chicago, with a special copy sent each year to the Mayor of Chicago.

Interested in getting a copy? The Journal is available at Harrington’s Print Center for just $9.95 per copy. Visit us at 200 West Madison and speak with the receptionist to get your very own.

About Constantine Vasilios:
Constantine D. Vasilios is a full-time faculty instructor of Interior Design at the Harrington College of Design. Constantine received his Bachelor of Architecture in Design degree from the University of Illinois at Chicago, then attended a year abroad in the overseas program at Versailles, France. He received his Master of Architecture degree with honors from the University of Texas at Austin, where he studied and traveled with the Charles W. Moore studio. He also participated in the overseas program at Oxford, England. He is a partner in the firm Constantine D. Vasilios & Associates Ltd, and has over twenty five years of experience in the field of Architecture and Interior Design. As a licensed architect in three states and a registered interior designer, Constantine has participated in several exhibitions, has been well published and has been a guest lecturer and visiting studio critic at several schools of Architecture and Interior design.

Photo courtesy Constantine D. Vasilios & Associates Ltd.

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