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Words adapted from Brad Kisner’s article featured in Artistik 2010 Spring Newsletter.  This feature is continued from yesterday…

Jonathan is a recipient of the Service and Leadership Scholarship that is offered through Harrington, and is on the Dean’s list for having a 3.61 GPA. In addition to classroom projects, Jonathan has had a handful of freelance projects in the past year including a restaurant identity and his very own wedding invitations. Jonathan’s largest claim to fame to date is Grand Prize Winner of the Clorox Redesign Clean competition, a national design contest sponsored by Clorox Bleach. The design process for Jonathan’s winning entry started with a general idea of wanting some kind of floral design on the packaging. “While I was sketching out some concepts, I made sure I was sticking to the rules of the contest pretty rigidly. I noticed that they were particularly detailed and didn’t want to mess up my chances of being disqualified, so I read every last bit of the terms and conditions,” he said.

 After doing some research at Harrington’s library, Jonathan came across a book that had beautiful floral patterns from the 18th Century. That book gave him some great inspiration and ideas for the final design of the packaging. “I wanted the color scheme to be calm and sophisticated while being complimented by the unique texture of the pattern I drew by hand,” Jonathan says. He scanned in his final line drawing and created a vector graphic of the design.


A few weeks down the road, Jonathan was officially announced the grand prize winner of the contest.

“It was a very exciting and surreal time for me, and it took a while for it to sink in that I had actually won this national competition,” he says while smiling. The contest entries were judged on creativity, originality, suitability for on-shelf packaging and fit within the contest theme of Redesign Clean. As the Grand Prize Winner, Jonathan received a trip for two to New York, the opportunity to work with a Macy’s designer in May 2010 and a $1,000 Macy’s gift card.


Communication designers that succeed have a passion for their field and a constant quest for knowledge. Jonathan Girton is a communication designer. He is hard working, collaborative and creative beyond what is “trendy.” Jonathan understands that details matter and that research is key in understanding the problem you have to solve. He approached the Redesign Clean contest as a problem to solve, and he succeeded. One would say he did more than just Redesign Clean, he cleaned up. Congratulations Jonathan – well deserved.

Jonathan Girton plans to graduate from the Harrington College of Design in August 2010 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Communication Design.

Illustration courtesy Jonathan Girton.

Photo courtesy Rolando Davis, Digital Photography student at the Harrington College of Design.

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Feature adapted from Brad Kisner’s article featured in Artistik 2010 Spring Newsletter

 After starting with two basic introduction interior classes at a small community college and not being satisfied with his education there, Jonathan Girton moved to Chicago to gain more exposure to great design. And Harrington College of Design was exactly what he was looking for. “I was able to be artistic and express myself freely when it came to my creativity,” Jonathan says. Originally Jonathan started as an Interior Design student, but after realizing his passion for graphic design, made the switch into the Communication Design Program at Harrington after speaking with the Communication Design Department Chair, Brad Kisner.

After making the switch, Jonathan has become very active at Harrington, trying to help out wherever help is needed. From providing feedback on fellow student projects, to helping with the Service and Leadership program of which he is a part, Jonathan is always willing to extend a helping hand. “I hope to leave the school with some long lasting friendships and great experiences, all the while knowing I made a difference while I was a student,” he says, adding, “Maybe sometime down the road I’ll return and teach a class or two.”

Keep reading tomorrow to see Jonathan’s winning design and the final product!

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