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This feature is continued from yesterday.

Featured at this year’s Lake Forest Showhouse and Garden event were stunning designs by lead Designer Susan Sissman and her team from Eclectic Design Collaborative which included Harrington Masters in Interior Design student (and soon to be alumna :)), Leslie Bowman , HCD ID graduate Gwen Williams and HCD Adjunct faculty members Cynthia Gissele and Denise Rush.

The dynamic group was awarded the design of the second floor main hallway with many closets that were originally purposed as areas for linen storage. The design team transformed the space – working around the concept of the manor’s past and peacocks – into a delightful assemblage of jeweled spaces.

The “Night Cap” room was designed to avert a visit to the lower level of the manor. The bar cabinet conceals an unsightly “slop sink”, while the bold red hue initiates a striking dance of the senses just before bedtime.

The “Solace” room is traditionally styled with a touch of whimsy. This petit hideaway offers a space to jot down a quick note,  complete with a sensually styled boutique stool by Christopher Guy.

“The Strut” room exudes the vain attitude of the peacock during his mating call. The drapery, designed with the ball gown header (exclusive to The Curtain Exchange), steps back into a lost era of design hues, but represents the most significant hues within the fowl’s plumage.

“Cedar Closet” is designed to recall the past with its warm and woodsy space. As expected, this closet stores beautifully designed wool and cashmere clothing and luxury winter linens – but also displays a glimpse of fashion, with jewel-like drawer pulls, and a hat box styled light fixture.

Awesome work from a very talanted group of designers. I hope to follow up with the Eclectic Design Collaborative group soon to learn about their other projects!

Photos and design courtesy Susan Sissman, Leslie Bowman and Eclectic Design Collaborative

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