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Yesterday I shared a glimpse into the touching Neche Collection created by Veronica Corzo-Duchardt, a Communication Design instructor at the Harrington College of Design, which captures objects from her grandfather’s life, documents and archives them, then transforms them into a contemporary print. An example can be seen below…

Where these:

Turn into this:

Pull Push Print No. 10

Veronica’s relatable and warm memories of her grandfather glow from her every post, as does her passion for what she discovers as she sorts through the items. “I was constantly surrounded by this stuff growing up and I love it. It still fascinates me. These are things that inspire my work, not just the aesthetic but also the cultural and historical context,” Veronica said. And followers of her project certainly seem to share a similar passion: already her collection has garnered a lot of press!

So far, we’ve seen it featured in:

And what happens when her grandfather’s things run out? Veronica may look to create a new collection, this time from her own assortment of objects. It seems that collecting is a family trait!

Follow the full story and see Veronica’s Neche Collection with all her prints to date at http://nechecollection.com/ or follow her on Twitter @winterbureau.   Interested in owning your very own print from the Neche Collection? A very limited amount of prints are available for purchase at http://winterbureau.bigcartel.com/.

In addition to her work at Harrington and her Neche Collection, Veronica is the owner and operator of winterbureau, a Chicago-based creative studio that merges conceptual thinking, extensive research and immersive experimentation to create contemporary, culturally relevant design. Integrating both handmade and digital methods, winterbureau aims to develop evocative visual solutions that both communicate and inspire.

All photos and art courtesy winterbureau.

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Three months ago, Harrington Communication Design instructor Veronica Corzo-Duchardt launched a visual archive of objects collected by her grandfather throughout his life. The result is a touching assortment of memories and insights into her grandfather’s personality and quirks: from his small army of staplers to his careful labeling, Veronica offers a glimpse into her family history that draws you in day after day. Her careful documentation and witty side notes are nothing short of priceless – here’s just one example:

Chuck E. Cheese:

“This is back when Chuck E. Cheese looked a little less creepy. I’m not a fan of this new hip Chuck E. I had many birthday parties at CC but I’m going to guess that this is from my 6th, since it’s dated 1984. I will say I completely stand behind this motto “In Pizza we Trust”. Not sure if CC is still using this but Pizza is certainly something I can believe in!”

Veronica titled her documentation project the “Neche Collection,” after her grandfather, Neche Eugenio Hadad, and then added a creative twist: at the end of each week, she produces a stunning print from the objects that most inspired her. The prints offer a distinctive contemporary view on the vintage items on display.

Veronica’s grandfather, a Cuban exile and accountant, played a large role in her life that shows through her work today. Growing up in a world filled with graph paper and calculators, Veronica shared,“I grew up with the tools of my grandfather’s craft. Part of the reason I started the Neche Collection was to offer a glimpse into how I think and work. Collecting and researching is a very big part of my process as a designer and artist.”

Keep reading tomorrow to catch a glimpse of how Veronica transforms her finds into a weekly print!

All photos courtesy winterbureau.

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Harrington College of Design Foundations instructors Duffy O’Connor and Megan Sterling both have work that will be featured in an upcoming group show!

An Unwholesome Attachment
The Charnel House
3421 West Fullerton
September 29 – October 17

Opening reception (open to the public):
Wednesday, September 29
6:00 pm – 9:00 pm

An Unwholesome Attachment is an exhibition of paintings, drawings and prints by Sari Maxfield, Duffy O’Connor, Megan Sterling and Victoria Szilagy.  The title suggests both an unhealthy obsessiveness as well as a strong connection to the things we make.  It may manifest as an attraction to the superficial or a refusal to let go of something. 

This attachment is not by definition a bad thing at all, merely a focused concern for the process of creation or the meaning we wish to suggest.  As artists we feel the compulsion to make things and, being creators, become attached to those things.  But the process of making art can lead the artist to an unwholesome attachment, the time spent and the details becoming burdens.

An Unwholesome Attachment explores the complexity of the attachment we have to our work and its meaning with this exhibition. 

You can find out more about Duffy’s work in my recent blog feature.  Duffy was also recently interviewed and featured online on the Examiner… check out the feature here! 

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This feature is continued from yesterday…

Over the years, Harrington Foundations instructor Duffy O’Connor practices what he preaches: in learning as much as possible. From learning a new foreign language, teaching woodworking, to travelling, camping and yoga, he believes new experiences enhance your life and provide a richness that has made him better at drawing, painting, printmaking and teaching.

Duffy is also an active member and teacher at the Chicago Printmakers Collaborative, where he has been teaching etching and relief classes since early 2003. “When I need to print, I print at the CPC, an organization that has become my home in the Chicago art scene and has brought many exhibition opportunities.  I keep a private studio where much of my work takes place,” he said.

You can see a great short video on the Chicago Printmakers Collaborative and printmaking process in the video below:

On his work, Duffy commented, “I enjoy the directness of painting and the illusion of reality, especially since I paint things the viewer is unlikely to see in the world.” See more of Duffy’s work on his website at www.duffyoconnor.com.

About Duffy O’Connor: 
Duffy O’Connor received his B.A. in History from Grand Valley State University in western Michigan and attended graduate school at The University of Iowa, receiving M.A. and M.F.A. degrees in Printmaking.  His focus as a printmaker has been etchings and woodcuts, often merging printing with painting and drawing.  Duffy’s career as an artist is continually reinforced and enriched by his teaching, an occupation he loves.

Duffy has lived in Chicago since 1999 and has taught at the Harrington College of Design since the fall of 2000.  Before coming to Chicago, he taught at the University of Iowa, Grand Valley State University and at the University of Michigan’s New England Literature Program as a visiting artist.  Duffy has also taught oil painting at The Hyde Park Art Center in Chicago.

Drawing courtesy Duffy O’Connor

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I always enjoy presenting a Harrington College of Design faculty member and sharing what brought them to the college and what they do outside of their work at Harrington. Today I’d like to present Harrington Foundations instructor, Duffy O’Connor. Here is what I found out!


Duffy O’Connor first started printmaking in his second year of undergraduate studies, in January of 1985, upon the recommendation of his professor who believed his approach to drawing would fit well with etching. Since then, his artwork production has been prolific; check out his piece “Chicken” below.  Commenting on this piece, Duffy said, “While this is not my favorite piece, I like it quite a bit – it is a painting on plywood using gouache, gesso and pencil. The central form is vague by design, and the jets playing chicken at the bottom recall drawings I loved to make when I was about eight years old.”

Duffy O’Connor came to the Harrington College of Design in 2000, based on a professional reference from a friend. At Harrington, he is a full-time faculty member and teaches Foundations courses, which features a curriculum that is continually developing. Duffy said, “It has been interesting to see how returning to design fundamentals through teaching has influenced my work in many subtle ways and overtly in some others, a welcome addition to how I approach my work in general.  As a printmaker I have always had to negotiate a course between technical precision and intuitive decisions and the renewed focus on fundamentals that comes from my teaching adds another layer of development.”

Keep reading tomorrow!

Painting and photo courtesy Duffy O’Connor

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