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You may recognize her name from a few past Harrington blog posts such as her recent contribution to Harrington’s 2010 IMAGINE… what you may not know is just how involved Megan Sterling, full-time instructor at the Harrington College of Design, is within the design community outside of the college as well!

Megan Sterling is an artist and printmaker from Idaho who received her Master of Fine Arts in Studio from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Boise State University in Printmaking. She is currently a full-time instructor at the Harrington College of Design where she teaches Beginning & Intermediate Drawing, Color, 2D Design and Screen Printing.

I followed up with Megan to learn about how her passion for art influences her life outside of Harrington. Megan said, “Aside from teaching full time at Harrington and making and showing my work, I work for another local artist one day a week and I volunteer at the Chicago Printmakers Collaborative one day a week, where I have a studio and make my printmaking work.”

Keep reading tomorrow when I’ll share more of Megan’s work as well as an upcoming exhibit she will be featured in!

Print courtesy Megan Sterling: Gently Up the Stream, 2009 Screen Print, Wood Cut, Monotype  8″x20″

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Yesterday I shared Sonnenzimmer’s commemorative poster they created for Harrington College of Design’s IMAGINE 2010 Event.

Harrington College of Design instructors Duffy O’Connor and Megan Sterling also contributed to the event by creating a commemorative poster which you can see above. 

The concept for the poster first took shape from an initial drawing by Megan. After some collaboration between Duffy and Megan on details, text and atmosphere, the final imagery took shape.

Duffy shared, “The printing was led by Megan with assistance from me, as well as timely help from the wonderful Maria Sanchez of the Chicago Printmakers Collaborative. In total, we printed four layers to produce the finished image, with each layer as a separate color.”

As a result of the project, Duffy and Megan plan to create more collaborative projects in the future – I, for one, definitely look forward to seeing the work!

Again, warm thanks are due to our Harrington instructors Duffy and Megan – thanks for your creative contribution to IMAGINE 2010!

Poster courtesy Duffy O’Connor and Megan Sterling.

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This feature is continued from yesterday…

Over the years, Harrington Foundations instructor Duffy O’Connor practices what he preaches: in learning as much as possible. From learning a new foreign language, teaching woodworking, to travelling, camping and yoga, he believes new experiences enhance your life and provide a richness that has made him better at drawing, painting, printmaking and teaching.

Duffy is also an active member and teacher at the Chicago Printmakers Collaborative, where he has been teaching etching and relief classes since early 2003. “When I need to print, I print at the CPC, an organization that has become my home in the Chicago art scene and has brought many exhibition opportunities.  I keep a private studio where much of my work takes place,” he said.

You can see a great short video on the Chicago Printmakers Collaborative and printmaking process in the video below:

On his work, Duffy commented, “I enjoy the directness of painting and the illusion of reality, especially since I paint things the viewer is unlikely to see in the world.” See more of Duffy’s work on his website at www.duffyoconnor.com.

About Duffy O’Connor: 
Duffy O’Connor received his B.A. in History from Grand Valley State University in western Michigan and attended graduate school at The University of Iowa, receiving M.A. and M.F.A. degrees in Printmaking.  His focus as a printmaker has been etchings and woodcuts, often merging printing with painting and drawing.  Duffy’s career as an artist is continually reinforced and enriched by his teaching, an occupation he loves.

Duffy has lived in Chicago since 1999 and has taught at the Harrington College of Design since the fall of 2000.  Before coming to Chicago, he taught at the University of Iowa, Grand Valley State University and at the University of Michigan’s New England Literature Program as a visiting artist.  Duffy has also taught oil painting at The Hyde Park Art Center in Chicago.

Drawing courtesy Duffy O’Connor

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I always enjoy presenting a Harrington College of Design faculty member and sharing what brought them to the college and what they do outside of their work at Harrington. Today I’d like to present Harrington Foundations instructor, Duffy O’Connor. Here is what I found out!


Duffy O’Connor first started printmaking in his second year of undergraduate studies, in January of 1985, upon the recommendation of his professor who believed his approach to drawing would fit well with etching. Since then, his artwork production has been prolific; check out his piece “Chicken” below.  Commenting on this piece, Duffy said, “While this is not my favorite piece, I like it quite a bit – it is a painting on plywood using gouache, gesso and pencil. The central form is vague by design, and the jets playing chicken at the bottom recall drawings I loved to make when I was about eight years old.”

Duffy O’Connor came to the Harrington College of Design in 2000, based on a professional reference from a friend. At Harrington, he is a full-time faculty member and teaches Foundations courses, which features a curriculum that is continually developing. Duffy said, “It has been interesting to see how returning to design fundamentals through teaching has influenced my work in many subtle ways and overtly in some others, a welcome addition to how I approach my work in general.  As a printmaker I have always had to negotiate a course between technical precision and intuitive decisions and the renewed focus on fundamentals that comes from my teaching adds another layer of development.”

Keep reading tomorrow!

Painting and photo courtesy Duffy O’Connor

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