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This feature is continued from yesterday…
Finding that perfect balance has been the biggest challenge, said student Galena Kapustina. “You have to remember that you are not the client,” she said. “I have a million ideas, but I have to make sure they’re right for Hackney’s, right for their current customers and yet still appeal to a whole new audience.”
As of yet, there is not a promise that their ideas will ever be fully implemented. Real-world simulation or not, it is, after all, still a class. “We’re hoping to find the idea that gives us the most bang for the buck,” said Hebson. “But with the economy the way it is, a major overhaul might have to be a little ways down the road. And what an experience to work with these kids! They’ve been great, very professional.”
The competition concluded with a panel of judges awarding the winning designs a total of $4,250, and the experience for the students to design in a very real scenario for a client’s programmatic requirements.
The winning student teams were:
1st: Chelsey Jackel & Galina Kapustina
2nd: Megan Klock & Ava Morris
3rd: Brendan O’Connor & Page Stoub
Honorable Mentions: Jessica Kraynak, Phuong K Lai Ao, Staci Miller & Rachela Schabowska.
The winning student solutions will appear at Harrington’s upcoming Senior Show and subsequently will be displayed at the Hackney’s location on Lake Avenue.
About Hackney’s Restaurant:
Hackney’s Restaurant has been a North Shore institution for 70 years. Its six, Chicago-area locations feature The Famous Hackneyburger® and Hackney’s French-Fried Onions®. Hackney’s has been owned by the Masterson family since 1939.
Press Release courtesy Momi Jahn
 Media Contact:
Momi Jahn

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Recently Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS (DIFFA)’s Dining by Design 2009 Event was held here in Chicago, and Harrington students had the chance to showcase their work and their talent.

Representing Harrington was a team of 5 current Harrington Interior Design Students as well as a team from the Harrington Alumni Association.
Photos from the current HCD student dining set can be seen in this blog- the designers included Tomas Alvarez, Heather Harmston, Megan Klock, Brendan O’Connor and Kevin Scott. The students’ concept was inspired by Roy Lichtenstein’s painting: I DON’T CARE! I’D RATHER SINK THAN CALL BRAD FOR HELP!, a strong theme that centered around asking for help when you are in trouble and tied directly to DIFFA’s main objective.

Over the years, DIFFA has granted over $38 million to hundreds of AIDS organizations nationwide through its fundraising efforts. Interested in finding out more? Visit DIFFA’s website here.

See impressions of the entire event at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/klickli/sets/72157622768719438/
Photos courtesy Harrington’s Digital Department

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