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The Harrington College of Design booth at NeoCon 2010 had a stunning design that attracted many visitors, including Merchandise Mart President, Chris Kennedy.  The booth was designed entirely by Harrington students (see below for names!) in the ELE319 Exhibit Design class led by Communication Design Chair and instructor Brad Kisner, and Interior Design Chair and instructor John Martin-Rutherford this past Spring.

Check out a short film of the booth created by Harrington’s Digital Photography Chair and instructor Dirk Fletcher, who shot the video with Canon’s 14mm, 24mm–70mm and 100-400mm L lenses along with the Zeiss 25mm.

Harrington Student Designers of the Harrington College of Design NeoCon 2010 Booth included:
Jessica Kraynak, Laura Schlueter, Currie Heinze, Allan Nacapuy, Katelyn Smith, Christie Smith, Rich Milligan, Lauren Howell, Kathryn Hutchens, Katie Pope, Dianna Speisman, Amy Cracchiolo and Angela Bowen. 

Harrington Booth General Contractor: Jim Kursar/ndio inc.
Harrington Booth Flooring donated by Vortex Commercial Flooring

Booth photos and video courtesy Dirk Fletcher

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Feature adapted from Spring 2010, Volume 2 Artistik Newsletter, written by Jaime Sandoval and Brad Kisner

With the successful completion of two real client projects, students from the Communication Design Department’s VSC302 class at Harrington College of Design now have real life experience to add to their growing resumes even before graduation.

“As the instructor of this class, I am truly honored to have my students be exposed to clients as important and professional as ArcelorMittal, the American Red Cross and the La Grange Public Library,” Jaime Sandoval stated. “It is becoming a trend for clients to hear of Harrington College of Design and what we do in our classes. They contact Brad Kisner, Department Chair of Communication Design and build new partnerships. I find these partnerships to be very rewarding and an incredible experience for the students in my class and for myself.”


Brad Kisner went on to add, “The clients are already lined up for the next two semesters and there is something very exciting about the range of clients that contact us. Jaime is extremely motivated to work with a diverse client base and that excitement is reflected by his students. He creates a very unique chemistry in class among them and with the clients.”

With a recipe of motivation, talent and professionalism, Harrington College of Design students are branding both the city of Chicago, its suburbs and beyond; leaving them with the opportunity to say to their potential employers, family and friends, “When I was in college, I designed that brand identity.”

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Feature adapted from Spring 2010, Volume 2 Artistik Newsletter, written by Jaime Sandoval and Brad Kisner

The Communication Design Department at Harrington College of Design believes exposing students to real life experiences is one of the best teaching methodologies. In VSC302, Logos and Corporate Identity, the students get to work with real clients. Led by instructor Jaime Sandoval during the Fall 2009 semester, students not only aided in the design of a cross-brand logo (see yesterday’s post!) but also designed a complete identity system for La Grange Public Library. 

 Harrington Communication Design students were asked to create the identity system with the La Grange’s Public Library’s mission in mind.

Students worked through the design process all of the way to midterm week, when the final La Grange logo was selected by four library employees and eight board members. Communication Design student Cari Hogan’s design was chosen as the library’s new identity.

The project then continued with students tasked with creating a complete identity system using the chosen logo. The final project included designing stationary for the library, studies for the bookmark, a library card, an e-mail template, an e-mail signature, an 8.5” x 11” flyer, a tri-fold brochure, a print newsletter (distributed to 6,700 households) and library shelf end panels. “Thanksgiving week came and students were so enthusiastic about the project that they didn’t want to take the holiday off, since they still had to develop an entire identity guide,” Sandoval commented. “The holiday left us with two weeks for final design revisions and to create what turned out to be an eighty-one page identity style guide.”

The La Grange Library was very enthusiastic about the process from the start. Jeannie Dilger-Hill, Library Director said, “We were impressed with both the quality and quantity of the students’ work. Being presented with so many outstanding design options made it a challenge to choose the final designs for the library. In addition, the students exhibited professionalism throughout the process. They listened to our needs and desires, and the work showed their attention to detail.”


Graphics courtesy Harrington College of Design class VSC302, Logos and Corporate Identity

Keep reading for the wrap-up of what’s to come tomorrow…

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Feature adapted from Spring 2010, Volume 2 Artistik Newsletter, written by Jaime Sandoval and Brad Kisner

The Communication Design Department at Harrington College of Design believes exposing students to real life experiences is one of the best teaching methodologies. In VSC302, Logos and Corporate Identity, the students get to work with real clients. Led by instructor Jaime Sandoval during the Fall 2009 semester, students designed the brand identity and complete identity system for La Grange Public Library and a logo for a new national partnership program between ArcelorMittal and the American Red Cross.

ArcelorMittal’s logo was the first project the Communication Design students received. As the world’s number one steel company present in more than 60 countries, ArcelorMittal recently launched a shared partnership program with the American Red Cross entitled “Creating Safe Communities.”

During the first three weeks of the semester, students selected black letterforms to present the client’s name and combined them with white letterforms to create an abstract symbol. “The main goal of the project was to arrive at a harmonious synthesis between the letters and create a new visual configuration as a result,” Sandoval said.

By week seven, as part of their midterm, students had to narrow down their top three concepts, pair them with color palette options, and present them in class to ArcelorMittal’s Communications Coordinator. On week nine, the class went to ArcelorMittal and formally presented their concepts to four employees from different departments. ArcelorMittal took a few weeks to share the concepts with the American Red Cross and then selected the winning logo before the semester ended.

Communication Design student Allan Nacapuy’s design was chosen and will be the official “Creating Safer Communities” logo used by ArcelorMittal and the American Red Cross for communications and marketing of the program in 2010.

“Our team was lucky to get connected with a quality design program like Harrington to take on this logo design project. The students did a fantastic job of bringing the Creating Safer Communities brand to life in their work and provided a diverse mix of options that helped us refine how to best visually represent the program. The faculty and students made the process enjoyable by asking great questions and really getting to know ArcelorMittal, our brand and our values,” said Katie Patterson, External Communications Manager for ArcelorMittal. Sunny Oh, Communications Coordinator for ArcelorMittal added, “We hope to use the logo in the future as it truly represents two important pillars in our Corporate Responsibility efforts – a focus on Health and Safety and our work to make the communities where we operate safer. To other organizations, we wholeheartedly recommend working with Harrington students on design projects as we would certainly work with them again after having such a great experience with Jaime and his students.”

Keep reading tomorrow to hear about the second project, a complete identity for the La Grange Public Library!

 Photography by Joe Byrnes

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Words adapted from Brad Kisner’s article featured in Artistik 2010 Spring Newsletter.  This feature is continued from yesterday…

Jonathan is a recipient of the Service and Leadership Scholarship that is offered through Harrington, and is on the Dean’s list for having a 3.61 GPA. In addition to classroom projects, Jonathan has had a handful of freelance projects in the past year including a restaurant identity and his very own wedding invitations. Jonathan’s largest claim to fame to date is Grand Prize Winner of the Clorox Redesign Clean competition, a national design contest sponsored by Clorox Bleach. The design process for Jonathan’s winning entry started with a general idea of wanting some kind of floral design on the packaging. “While I was sketching out some concepts, I made sure I was sticking to the rules of the contest pretty rigidly. I noticed that they were particularly detailed and didn’t want to mess up my chances of being disqualified, so I read every last bit of the terms and conditions,” he said.

 After doing some research at Harrington’s library, Jonathan came across a book that had beautiful floral patterns from the 18th Century. That book gave him some great inspiration and ideas for the final design of the packaging. “I wanted the color scheme to be calm and sophisticated while being complimented by the unique texture of the pattern I drew by hand,” Jonathan says. He scanned in his final line drawing and created a vector graphic of the design.


A few weeks down the road, Jonathan was officially announced the grand prize winner of the contest.

“It was a very exciting and surreal time for me, and it took a while for it to sink in that I had actually won this national competition,” he says while smiling. The contest entries were judged on creativity, originality, suitability for on-shelf packaging and fit within the contest theme of Redesign Clean. As the Grand Prize Winner, Jonathan received a trip for two to New York, the opportunity to work with a Macy’s designer in May 2010 and a $1,000 Macy’s gift card.


Communication designers that succeed have a passion for their field and a constant quest for knowledge. Jonathan Girton is a communication designer. He is hard working, collaborative and creative beyond what is “trendy.” Jonathan understands that details matter and that research is key in understanding the problem you have to solve. He approached the Redesign Clean contest as a problem to solve, and he succeeded. One would say he did more than just Redesign Clean, he cleaned up. Congratulations Jonathan – well deserved.

Jonathan Girton plans to graduate from the Harrington College of Design in August 2010 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Communication Design.

Illustration courtesy Jonathan Girton.

Photo courtesy Rolando Davis, Digital Photography student at the Harrington College of Design.

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