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When Samantha Ng studied at Harrington College in Chicago, she had no idea that her career would end up taking her back home to Hong Kong, to join one of the most prestigious interior design firms in Asia.

After receiving her Bachelors of Interior Architecture (BIA) from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Samantha decided to enter the Interior Design Master’s program at Harrington. She shared, “I decided to pursue a master’s degree because learning is a never-ending process, there will always be a new trend in design; it is the matter of learning and applying these techniques, which I have learned very well at Harrington.”

After graduating from Masters of Interior Design (MID) with higher honors from Harrington, Samantha returned to Hong Kong. Recently, she became employed as an Interior Designer within the hotel sector by Aedas, one of the largest architectural practices in Hong Kong. In addition to architecture, the Aedas global network provides consultancy services in interior design, master-planning, landscape and urban design throughout Asia, the Middle East, Europe and the Americas.

Samantha said, “As an interior designer, my vision is to create environments and inviting spaces to enhance ones experience through design and my mission is to help lead the world towards sustainability.”

Congratulations Samantha – we hope to get an update from you sometime soon!

Photo and thesis work courtesy Samantha Ng

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