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6. Electrical. Be sure you have enough electrical outlets for your needs. It’s a lot less expensive to provide electric in the most convenient spot at the beginning of the project than afterward. Remember to provide electricity for blow dryer, electric shaver, curling iron and hand vacuum. Even consider electricity inside a storage cabinet for items you don’t want to keep on your countertop, like the electric toothbrush.

7. Shower Head. For a bathtub/shower combination or shower only, the shower head choice is important. See displays with operating shower heads at the plumbing supply stores so you can decide on the functions you want. Popular types include rain showers, pulsating and water-saving streams. I also recommend installing a secondary hand-held shower head with cord. This comes in handy for ease in bathing children, accommodating mobility if you have a sports injury and cleaning the bathtub or shower itself.

8. Lighting. Consider function and drama. You will need good light in the sink and mirror area for applying makeup or shaving. A ceiling light above the shower or bathtub is functional. Ceiling pendants or wall sconces give great overall light and when these are on dimmers you can enjoy soaking in the tub bathed in a candlelight effect.

9. Vanity. The vanity has become a focal point piece of furniture in the bathroom. A furniture piece can be remodeled to accommodate a sink. Make sure you have enough storage for your needs. If it works in your room, you can add a tall tower on top of the countertop for storage and decorative display. An awkward corner can be transformed by a corner cabinet.

10. Details. At the beginnning of your bathroom design, decide on the finish you want to use. This will help you to create your look. The large variety of finishes available include satin nickel, polished stainless steel, brushed stainless steel, chrome, copper, brass and bronze. Keep the finish consistent for your plumbing fixtures, lighting elements, bath accessories and hardware.

Always have fun when you are interior decorating, whether you are doing the project yourself or working with a professional interior designer.  Be creative. Add drama. The most memorable rooms have a touch of drama.

About Karen Carpino:
Karen Carpino is a professional interior designer with more than 25 years of practice in the Chicago area and is an alumna of the Harrington College of Design. Karen’s extensive design experience includes creating interiors for both residential and commercial clients. Karen Carpino creatively designs interiors with careful attention to your specific requirements, budget and dreams. Visit her site at www.carpinodesign.com.

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Article written by Karen Carpino, a Harrington College of Design Interior Design Alumna, as featured in Chicago Now’s TCW

Do you want your bathroom to make you feel pampered like the way you feel in luxury bathrooms you enjoy at hotels when traveling? You deserve to feel that wonderful way every day in your own bathroom in your own home. Here are 10 ideas to help you create a luxury bathroom of your own.

1. Heated Floor. Install electric radiant heat panels under bathroom floor tiles. It’s quite easy and reasonably priced. Say goodbye to cold bathroom floors in the morning.

2. Electric Towel Warmer. These operate on timers. You can have a warm, cozy bath towel or robe ready to wrap yourself up in after you shower or bathe. A few of my clients have told me they use this to partially dry their soaked gym clothes after a workout.

3. Bathtub. My advice regarding a new bathtub is to try it before you buy it. The bathtub itself is costly plus the price of labor to remove the old bathtub and install the new one. So you want to be sure your bathtub feels good to you. It’s surprising how different the variety of bathtubs can feel. Plumbing supply stores have sample bathtubs and they are used to customers “taking them for a test drive”. At the store I suggest you place a towel on the bottom of the tub, slip off your shoes, get in and stretch out.

4. Steam Shower. Enhance your home spa with a steam unit. Residential systems come in a variety of sizes based on the cubic feet of the shower stall. I suggest the steam unit be placed within a built-in bench inside the shower so you’ll have a place to sit, relax and enjoy.

5. Toilet and Bidet. If you purchase a new toilet I suggest the new comfort height which is a bit taller than older toilets. It’s more comfortable for most people. I also recommend an oval shaped toilet bowl which the guys in your life will appreciate.  The bidet concept is making a comeback. Since most American bathrooms do not have a bidet space, bathroom fixture manufacturers have designed convertible toilet seats with the functions of a bidet. If it interests you, I suggest that you check this out for your existing or new toilet.

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