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Every now and then I focus on a Faculty member at Harrington to share a glimpse of what brought them to the Harrington College of Design and what they do outside of their work at Harrington.
Today, I’d like to present Jaime Sandoval, a Communication Design Instructor. Here is what I found out!
Me: What got you into Communication Design?
Jaime: Communication design became part of my life the day I visited University of Illinois at Chicago. As I walked through the gallery space, my interest in design increased at every step. By the time I completed the tour, I was convinced that design was the field I wanted to pursue.
M: What drives your passion for design today? Any inspirations?
J: Culture drives my passion for design on a daily basis. Some of my biggest inspirations are:

M: Anything about you that may be surprising?
J: A few days after arriving to Milan Italy, I had my first job opportunity with Design Room, one of the most prestigious design firms in Italy.

M: What do you do outside of HCD (such as design work, hobbies)?
J: Outside of HCD I freelance for independent local and international clients. Some of my clients have included Camburas & Theodore (website), Fohrm Interiors (a Harrington graduate; logo and website), Sabor Saveur (project was a collaboration with two Harrington students Jonathan Girton & Jeremy Bouck; corporate identity, website and interior design), and Joan Lewis Interiors (a Harrington graduate, project was a collaboration with Evan Scronce; corporate identity and website).
My hobbies include listening to Electronic music. Some of my favorite DJs are: Offer Nissim, Paul Van Dyke, Tiesto, Paul Oakenfold, David Guetta, amongst others. My favorite on-line radio station is Beat 1009 from Mexico City. I also really enjoy foreign films, and my favorite filmmakers are Pedro Almodovar and Alejandro González Iñárritu. 

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